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I sent you an email, I wanted to talk about Nier: Automata a bit lol. I was randomly thinking about it. Details there. Cheers ๐Ÿ˜‰
Oh, hi! Sorry, I've been barely just checking here for past few days and never actually had time and/or forgot to reply!
It happens, all good buddy! ๐Ÿ‘ (Had a typo and had to redo, it was driving me crazy, no way to edit lol)
I pretty much use notebook just to thank for these now that I think...

But anyway, I'd like to once again thank a lot to anonymous person for extending my upgraded membership, even despite me not being too active recently due to IRL stuff taking a lot of my time... hopefully I will be able to write more again soon though! *Delight*
Awesome! *Candycorn*
Go and write, my old friend^^
Just wanted to express my gratitude to anonymous person who just gifted me a year of Upgraded membership! :D

I was genuinely surprised since due to real life stuff being a bit busy I didn't write anything in months... nonetheless thanks a lot! I feel like I really should start writing here again sometime.
Congratulations! That's awesome that you got that gift! *Heart*
Thatโ€™s awesome to hear! Also check your email *Wink*
If anyone's interested I am giving away ownership of few of my interactives, to make place for a few new ones. It would be a shame to delete them completely, so if anyone's interested feel free to write me.

Interactives in question are:
Chloe's Feet
Rosario + Vampire Foot Fetish
Ticklish Sisters

Want to get rid of at least two of them since I need one free spot for a new interactive I will receive, and I also want a create entirely new Fate Grand Order centered interactive!
how exactly does one take ownership of an interactive because i might be interested even though I probably won't add much to them myself
And thanks a lot to the anonymous person who just gave me a whole year of basic membership(So now I've got it until 2020)!

I'm not sure what exactly did I do to deserve it(I mean I just complained about stuff XD), but with it I have basic membership until 2020! So I suppose I'm gonna keep writing at the very least until then, so as not to waste the money that person probably had to spend on it for me ^^;

How awesome is that?

I'm glad to see you'll be sticking around. *Smile*
I plan to keep writing here until I run out of my basic membership of course.
But in general, I am starting to think, and encouraging others in foot fetish writing community to move to CHYOA.com, since it allows creating interactive stories as well(Though focused especially on fetishes and erotica), and is absolutely free, without making up some server limits to annoy people into buying memberships.

You can find me there: https://chyoa.com/user/Darkblader
I went and took a look. If you check their patreon page, you'll see that they do pledge to keep the service free.

The also state that the needed patrons donating money so they could stop ads. They specifically state their adverts were causing redirections and users who then can't access the site.

The also specifically state that they need the revenue to maintain servers, develop new functionality and promote the site. They needed a minimum of $750 dollars per month just to drop the ads. They haven't yet reached their goal to redesign the algorithm.

Which means that while you may use the site for free, the site is not free. Someone is supporting it through monthly payments, and it looks like they're only breaking even because not enough people donate. If they want to run on a not-for-profit model, all the power to them. Not-for-profit is still a business - it needs money to run.

WdC is also a business. I choose to spend my dollars with this business, and it is constantly providing new benefits for me. If it isn't for you, or the free access is unsuitable, you absolutely should change platforms.

You should also consider supporting the other business, so they can do the same.

A business is a business, whether online or brick-and-mortar. They require payment for goods or access (I've never gone to a free gym), and they are allowed to prioritize membership (Amazon prime - I get my packages faster than my neighbour because I pay for a different level of service. I'd be unimpressed if I didn't). They are also allowed to turn a profit, so if that means tiered access based on membership levels, it's usually based on return on investment. It's not personal. It's business.
I knew that, perhaps I should have been more precise with what I said. However, Chyoa is completely free to use for an average person like me, who writes stuff as a hobby, and I just really like the idea of interactive stories.
Meanwhile in recent years Writing.com made a lot of user unfriendly decisions, first completely gating interactives behind a paywall, and then making up those "resource limitations" for free users, which often simply make you wait 10 minutes before going from one chapter to another in an interactive. It makes reading almost unbearable, and is essentially a way to force us to pay up. To me it kinda feels as if Writing.com was abusing it's position as the pretty much only site of it's kind, trying to milk it for as much money as possible at the cost of the users. I'm pretty sure a lot of people actually left the site because of that stuff, as it appeared much more active to me before those decisions were made.

I understand writing.com needs money for their servers and other stuff as well of course... but everything considered, wouldn't it be better to adopt Chyoa model, of voluntary donations to Patreon, rather than making everyone's hobby harder to enjoy as punishment for not giving a steady supply of cash?
Not if this a business that feeds their family. Some sites choose to have generous users subsidize the free ones on equal footing.

Other choose to provided added benefit to their paid users. It's not abusive.

As far as wdc being the only player, that's not really true. It's been around 18 years, so the model obviously works.

I wouldn't want to start a site of this size. Too many of my personal resources and time to maintain it.
Geez, first the suddenly filled mailbox problems after getting back to non-paid membership(Which seem solved... for the moment, so at least that), and now the constant "resource limitations" crap. It seriously is as if this site is trying to drive people away and die because everyone will sooner or later be sick of the schemes trying to get people to pay for being able to normally browse interactives... it also severely discourages me from writing when whenever I want to see what happened in story and like 10 times I have to read "Resource limitations! Wait for however many minutes we feel like"...

Sorry but I just had to vent about this stuff.
Yeah, totally annoying. Makes one rather want to quit the page instead of supporting it. I had enough points lying around to upgrade, but I guess that was the last time^^
Apart from occasionally checking to see if anything new got added during off hours for this site I've pretty much shifted my attention to chyoa.com since it has no such limitations and ZERO limit to the number of options you can create in interactive stories so you don't have to worry about some moron writing some one sentence garbage entry on an option you liked. You should check it out.
Free accounts should really have higher mailbox capacity, I like to "archive" all of the relevant things I have there. So when my basic membership ran out, I was unable to receive any mails.

I used the points I received from some wonderful people out here to get me 6 months membership again, but still, did that mostly because of the mailbox rather than certainly that I would be writing much(Been a bit busy recently).
I understand 100%.
Giant thanks to the anonymous person who gifted me 100000 GP today! They will definitely come in handy to extend my basic membership once the one I've got runs out :D

It's great to know that someone appreciates the time I put into writing chapters :)
Thanks a lot to anonymous person who gave me 1 year of basic membership today! I was slowly starting to abandon Writing.com because of low activity in foot fetish and tickling interactives recently, but something like that surely gives me a little boost to feel like writing things again! :D