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Happy Happy Birthday, dear Angus. You’re in our daily thoughts and prayers. We miss you at the "The Cross Timbers Novel Workshop every day and hope for the day when you return to finish your amazing book. Until then, know how much you mean to us and to Writing dot com.
With great warmth, fondness, and admiration,
Hey Angus,

I hope you are doing good and I wish you a Happy Birthday. I know I should have came to your port and review a few things you have on here. Hope you feel better soon, my friend. Oh yeah, I have something for you so I will send it to you as soon as it get done. I will have it mailed to you as well. To jar your memory, I sent you an email a few years ago, about your Screams Contest and how to enter it. Get well soon.

Again Happy Birthday.
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Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
We miss you, Angus!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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Here is his last recommended read!

Angus writes:
Hey, folks!
Please read this short little piece of simple horror at its finest!
I’ve read more than my share of horror stories, but this one literally left me shaking my head in awe!
I think even Stephen King would be jealous!

The Disappearing Devil  (18+)
A woman married a devil of a man. Where is he now?
#2148640 by The Ghost of Jayne's Lost Sock

Here are the 3 comments that were left:

Oct 19, 2020 at 4:22pm
Santa Sum1 writes: I read and reviewed that a couple of years ago for their Anniversary. Told them that the story should be entered in your 'Screams' contest! *Smile*

Oct 19, 2020 at 8:33pm
The Ghost of Jayne's Lost Sock writes: *Blush* Thank you, (and )! This shout-out means a lot to me *Heart*

Oct 20, 2020 at 6:12pm
S. E. Mabson writes: I talk to the characters on tv, lol. I might maybe kind of sort of do it when I read books too. If I'm not, then it hasn't hooked me just yet. As short as this story was, I was at work (sneaking lol) and yell out, "Oh snap!" and realized it was out loud. lol Good job it was sad, realistic, chilling, and clever. Loved it.

One of Angus’s signature’s created into an MB.
She is awarded his Angus Sig MB!
Anyone who reviews
BENT  (13+)
Something is wrong at the Caldwell's Farm this Halloween, something very, very wrong...
#2100252 by Angus

will receive 2000 gps. Rules: 500 characters; that's really easy to do, ya know! But, of course, I'm chatty anyway... *Rolling*
It needs to be respectful as well.

Then go to "SCREAMS!!! FORUM Subject: Angus Birthday Review and post Message: {review:xxxxxx} replace the x's with your review number.
Give a rating: *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* Put how many {e:star}'s it rates.
Have fun, everyone!
Celebrating Angus 's Birthday
This week I'm searching for a few things he had done.
This is the last public review that he gave before his stroke.
It's my honor to award!

"Roused by the Ave Maria

If you haven't read it, you should. Guarantee it's an excellent read.
Happy birthday, Angus!

(and your doppelganger Angus 1 )
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I know right!!! ❤️

Hooray!! Happy (yesterday) birthday Angus! Hope you got spoiled!
Happy birthday Angus

Happy Birthday and All the Best Wishes!!

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