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Thank you to everyone who's been reviewing my stories these last few weeks!
Please know I WILL respond to all of them as soon as I have more time and the wi/fi here at the coffee shop isn't so wonky!
Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of yourselves!
This WILL pass, and we WILL get through it together!

*Heartg* *Heart* *Heartb*

Stay well, Jefe! xoxo--S.
Hi, everyone.
Hope you're all safe and healthy!
Well, here in Smith County and Tyler, Texas in particular, they're dropping the STAY AT HOME ORDER on us, effective midnight tonight.
So I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back on here if my free wi/fi gigabytes run out on my phone.
But I have a couple of phone numbers I can call if I need to have somebody post something for me, so not ALL is lost!
Just wanted to let you know my predicament...
Stay safe, my friends, and I'll see you as soon as possible! Like I said, I've got some data left on my phone, but I don't know how much or if they'll give me anymore until the end of the month!
Write on and rock on, everyone! *Heartb* *Heart* *Heartg*

PS-I did this from my sis's computer, in case anyone wonders how I did it. *Wink*
I wondered where you gotten to. Glad you are safe and niggle free lol
Hi fellow Texan! I'm about 25 miles northwest of Ft Worth.
We're not under a shelter at home order yet. I figure it will happen before long.
Hey there, Angus--we're keeping an eye on the (horror) shop for you. Two weeks into our lockdown, we haven't gone utterly mad yet...*Crazy*...stay well!--S.
Hey, Angus. I missed seeing you on WDC this week. What with the coronavirus anxiety and my month long trip to Wonderland my head is in a bit of a muddle and my feet keep tripping me up. Now that I'm 'one step closer to the White/Red/Queen/King' I'll soon be back to doing a lot more 'SCREAMing!
Welcome Angus! And So Sorry to say you are CAPTURED! I am "one step closer to White/Red Queen/King in the Wonderland Challenge". I pray you are healthy and well during the battle we all are waging. Now you are to stay in your castle until the siege is announced over.

That is all. Queen Norma has spoken. Carry on.

Hidey ho, folks!
Don't forget about The 48 Hour Newsfeed Challenge that's due in about 3 hours (6 p.m. WdC time)!
Here's a link (to the prompt song and where you should post your items): "Note: Still plenty of time to earn y..."

Ohhh... *Sad* Not making it.
I'm too late for the Newsfeed Challenge anyway. But this post gives me the chance to comment with this sparkling information:

Congratulations! You have won the contest to be a part of my effort in the Wonderland Challenge by allowing me to complete one of the tasks confronting me. I have to visit the Notebooks of 20 WdC members and comment on them. Because it's easier to run down the list of my friends, rather than looking for random people, your name has popped up, Angus, and so here I am!

Part of this task is to say, "one step closer to White/Red Queen/King." And now I have!

Thanks so much for assisting in my drive to complete the Challenge.
*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 14TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, Gaby! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*
Happiest WDC anniversary Gaby! Have a great celebration!
Happy anniversary!!! YAY!!! We're so glad you're here, Gaby! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Thank you, everyone! *Heartb*
Well, since I don't see it on here yet, let me be the first one to say...


*Books3* *Geek* *BookOpen* *Geek* *Books1*

Gosh there is a day for everything. This rocks!
I have friends who are teachers, and I volunteer as one, or tutor in reading regularly. Read Across America Day is mostly marked in elementary schools in celebration of the birthday of Theodore Geisel, better known as beloved American author, Dr. Seuss. So, Steven I do hope at least a few of your countrymen and women might have enjoyed Horton Hears a Who or Green Eggs and Ham?
Walkinbird , when I was a teacher, the kids in the advanced literacy group in my class had to learn a poem by heart. One of the girls learnt the entire book Green Eggs And Ham! I still remember her standing in front of the class, giving me the book, and then just going through. The class was stunned and she did so well...
I just ran across this in my portfolio:

 Hunger Pangs  (18+)
A Camping Trip Goes Awry

I forgot I even wrote it! *FacePalm*

*Geek* "Sometimes, these little monsters just write themselves."
I love this one!

I long for the days when I’ve written so many stories I can’t remember them all... :)
It takes me like 3-5 minutes to clean out just 1% of my email! Yeah, I'm looking over it closely so I don't lose anything important, but this is going to take some time, regardless.
The good news I've got it back up to 31% now!
1% a day X 69 days...I should be done sometime in April! *Laugh*