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 the legend of a blue moon  (E)
ever wonder what the legend is?
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 for a little luck  (E)
bit of a poem for luck
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 the 7 pillars of a color revolution  (E)
this is a piece about something currently going on in our country
... this is a doozy. want to be woken up to what is going on today in our very own country? try reading this, it is an eye opener for sure.
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 the figure  (13+)
a dark figure searches for a lost little girl... and finds her.
I redid the story
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         "DAY 2855 September 10, 2020
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tell me what you think? you can be brutal, if you wish, just be honest. any encouragement or even discouragement is appreciated, and needed.
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         "Day 2794: July 11, 2020
Well folks, this COVID19 stuff is driving me absolutely crazy. Luckily I am an esential worker, actually in several ways to be quite honest.
But lately I have had a few major setbacks as far as health wise, personal wise, and got stabbed in the back by a trusted person.It seems to be happening now more and more. i'm stronger than those brainless ones who walk away can handle.
I deserve better than that and will have it.

I' trying to keep up with my WDC group work and writing on a personal level, everything has drained me beyond what I could have ever imagined, but I keep getting up and continuing forward and will never again let someone bring me down.

Some of the pain brought tears and screams of anguish, but the one that hurt was the stab in the back by the trusted person after 5 months of a good relationship, only to find out it was a total lie.
I'll get back up and never will get down by someone again.
Beacon-Skull Pumpkin 🎃 i will always get back up... i have a few people i like but I dont trust anybody on here. I did at one time, but that is yet another story for another time.
I understand how you feel. You have to be careful who you talk too but as for trusting them, go slow and don't make a move too fast. Get to know them a little better.

With this one friend, I've talked to her on here and I sense she's a good person because I've talked to her for like a year or so. I understand what you're saying, David the Dark one!
Well I actually have 2 friends on here but I have met them about 8 months or more ago and I still talk to some people on here. So I'm gaining some friends on here. You have to trust someone later once you get to know a person even if its on here or outside of WDC. I don't trust too many people right off that bat like I use too.
Happy birthday!!!!!!

Happy Birthday *Crown* David *Crown*...

May you have an amazing day!
*Hug1**hug**Hug2* *Heart* *Hug1**hug**Hug2*