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Happy Birthday *CakeB*
*Balloonv* Happy Birthday, Damen! *Balloonv*

Hope it's a great one!
Are there any sites similar to WDC that you guys also use in addition to WDC?
You might want to be more specific. What is it about WDC that you're looking for elsewhere?
Places to also post your work for additional critiques and reviews.
I've updated the new POV in a entry to my book, "Invalid Item:
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What do you guys think of first person present tense? It's not done as much.
Traditionally first person is done in past tense like,

"Conner, unfurled his silver-white wings. They filled my plane of vision, stretching fifteen feet into the sky."

While present tense would be,

"Conner, unfurles his silver-white wings. They fill my plane of vision, stretching fifteen feet into the sky."

I am chapter by chapter changing my novel into first person present tense instead of past tense that it was. I am curious why this tense isn't used much. Do you guys like first person present tense? I feel it will be easier to build suspense because the character doesn't even know what's going to happen and you are experiencing it as the same time he is.
Yeah, present tense is a good idea. :)
Thanks :) I would love if you would read my new death scene at the end of chapter one. I know before you gave me some advice on it and I feel I made it good, though I worry that I made it too violent.
I, personally, prefer the first person done in past because I feel kind of awkward reading it in the present tense. I feel that some scenes are better explained written in the past tense rather than in the present. However, I do agree with your reason for changing because it does make the reader get into the 'character.' I guess in the end, it comes down to what you want because it's your novel. Whether you write it in the past or present, there are thousands and thousands of novels out there in both the tenses and people read them! *Bigsmile*
Uploaded a new chapter in my Novel.

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