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notice: i'm removing one of the stories from my portfolio
it isn't one of my interactives, though.

it's long since been posted on other sites, so if you'd like to see it, just let me know.
Can you add on Misadventures of putty Kids ?
I personally like the setting of the story
Wich one
Sorry I haven't added to any of my stories in a while. I've been busy with a project involving my characters in a different scenario. The comics are available to see on my Eka's and Pixiv accounts, but if you don't want to head onto those sites, feel free to message me in Discord and I'll show you what I've been working on.
All good! Glad to see you doing content elsewhere at least!
Can you link me to your account?
Nother update
Power went out again around 8-ish
I was hoping to bring my brothers to the restaurant I work at, but they're down, too.

Me and the bros have been cramming ourselves in my truck to get some heat and charge our phones for a few hours at a time.
power's finally back on
Power's been out for two days and it's freezing.
The restaurant i work at has power, so I might end up going to work tomorrow.
This isn't how I wanted to spend my days off.
GP Event

Tomorrow, 1/2/2021, is my birthday, so I'm doing an event between today and next Saturday (1/9/2021)
For every new chapter written in Surviving Spectrum Bay featuring the character Ignacio, I'll reward the writer 1,000 GP.

I've written a little collection of holiday-themed mini stories based around mine and my friends' characters. I'm gonna try to add some more tonight, but I decided to post what I've got today in case I'm unable to work them in on time for Xmas.
Sorry for the lack of any chapters the past few weeks. I've been focusing on my comics, and my main priority for now is to get my collection of mini-stories ready in time for holidays. I'll link it once I've finished it, or if i have enough room in my portfolio, I'll simply add it there.

In addition, I'm also working on a personal project, and I'd like to have it finished by mid-January, so it may be a bit longer before I'm active on here once again.
Doin a series of bite-sized holiday themed stories featuring my characters.
I've started up a new squishing/tf Interactive Story starring Nintendo's princesses, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina.

I'm also going to be starting an event. From now until sunday (11/15/2020) anyone who adds a chapter of decent length to the story will get 1,000 gp.
Wanted to do something Halloween related, but my hand's cramping and I don't wanna strain it.
Gonna be taking a bit of a break from writing until it heals up.
With my friend's event now over, i'm hosting my own event.
I've recently started up a new interactive story, featuring characters from both my own and their stories. Anyone who adds a chapter between now and friday 9/4/2020 will get 1000 GP for each chapter added.
I've been getting a lot of requests for the passkey to the original version of my Squishy Boy story. I don't want to take away from the rebooted version of the story, but at the same time, I know the original version means a lot to a lot of people.
So, rather than keep giving out the passkey to everyone who asks, I'm going to make it public again. Any dead ends for chapters will include links to the other stories Jack is in. I hope you enjoy these stories just as much as my other ones.