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Yeah, so I'm taking over the world. Sorry for the short notice. Here's a playlist I'm listening to...
Just a playlist I made to help me write some of the moments in my book. If you want to listen to it while reading or use it for your own thing!



If you haven't already go and watch The Dragon Prince on Netflix!
I need some help! any ideas for Chapter 5 of TSOTN?
Hey everyone who's reading this!!!
It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I'd come on and say:
Wow! The community here is so great! I can't wait to see what you put out there! Don't be afraid of criticism! Criticism is what makes you better. Take it in stride and run this website!

Your believing friend,

If you've read chapters 1,2, and 3 of my book here on WDC,

What are your thoughts and feelings on Peck and Amare's relationship? What do you think is gonna happen to them?

-Trenton Jepma
And what about chapter 4&5?
Cleaning Time! I challenge you to organize your writing space today and get working! Good luck!!
My writing space plus the whole house
What's a writing space? I have a kitchen table. I have an "everything and the kitchen table" space.
Anyone else just want to BE the characters they made. Go on epic adventures and fall in love with wonderful people. Cause I don't and you shouldn't either because you're you and life is what you make it. -Trenton
I am my characters. They are me. We are one. Oh, look at the claw.
I agree with Annette. Those are your characters. You created them, they are part of you. Lots of times I wish I could do the things my characters do and then I think to myself, "I am doing them, in my mind. And I can take my characters anywhere in my mind."
Everyone is an award-winning author for the book they haven't written. So stop wishing and start doing!!! You go write that book! Show people what you can do!

-Your weird author friend,

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On it!! :)
What kind of book do YOU want to see? Write it in the comments and the highest voted one I will start working on.

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A book where trolls are the worshiped heroes.
If you feel like you don't want to write today just remember how amazing it will be when people draw art, write fanfic, send you fan mail, and feel like they want to be your characters and you'll be glad you took the time to write that book. You Got This!

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Welcome to WDC Trenton.
If your character dies keep them dead. It makes the story more powerful and makes your reader feel the emotions you are trying to convey.
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Hi Trenton, I don't know... I wrote the last chapter of a book and I cried all the way through, on writing the ending I had killed my off main character. He didn't deserve this and has remained in the hospital of unfinished novels for three years now. His life was complicated because of his deep love for two people, something he couldn't separate. The last chapter is about to be rewritten. *Thinker*
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