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I've been looking forward to returning to writing on the sequel I released earlier this year, however at this point I am still on a hiatus from it. I have another pursuit at the moment and don't want to split time and effort between two projects. I imagine I will be working on new material for the story starting near the end of August, at the earliest.

As always, I encourage those who enjoy the story to write their own additions as well. I've noticed my past two stories have really taken off with additions recently, so I wonder if the "polish" of the new story intimidates people from adding. I'm hopeful that this will not continue to be the case because I really believe it has a lot of potential. Regardless, expect new material in the near future. With any luck, the break will allow me to have a fresh perspective and new ideas.
I think with "Shrunken 2" right off the bat you introduce too much control on your part. Rules and preexisting characters are fine, but most authours don't like being limited to certain "storylines," especially when they're clearly already available. I know that you probably want each scenario to begin a certain way, but honestly a more hands-off approach might work better. And if you don't like someone's addition just edit or remove it to better suited your vision if need be.
I have decided to open up the sequel early! It's not quite as finished as I would like, but my schedule is fairly packed for the next month, so I likely won't reach the goal I had for the summer release. So far, only one storyline is open, but I hope to have more finished soon! Please let me know what you think and if there are any major issues/mistakes with the thread.
For those interested in knowing, I'm aiming for a summer or late-summer release of the sequel I'm working on. I want it to be fairly well-established before I make it public.

The story has 5 unique storylines, each with their own setting, characters, and twist. I'm currently considering opening the story as early as May and releasing the storylines as they reach points of satisfactory progress. I'm very excited to see it released and I hope you all are as well. This'll most likely be my last story here.
A sequel is in the works for "Your Life: Shrunken to a Snack!" It will have new scenarios with many of the same suspenseful, unaware options that the first story had, as well as more, well-developed characters and an author-friendly set-up!

If you see this message, e-mail me! For a limited time, I'm offering a surprise to those who e-mail me about the sequel!
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