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Life works in cycles of good and bad, up and down, life and death. Eventually though, the good, the up, and the life come together to create a peaceful time and allows for creativity to flow.

I am welcoming this time again.
New Year resolution: Shut down any social media that distracts me from writing.

My life is busy enough that I have very little time for writing. I have found that more time in November and December were spend scrolling through Facebook than writing or even thinking about writing. My excuse was that family obligations and work had me so stressed that I needed mindless entertainment; but, that is just an excuse.
I am of words unspoken,
Of thoughts unfulfilled.
I am of heart beats broken
And of dreams unreal.

I am a book not yet complete!
I find that I only have about 1/2 an hour a day for my writing. That is not enough time to accomplish much, but I am working hard on a new outline for my book. It should only take me about 6 months to get the outline complete at this rate.
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It has been a while since I have written anything, but I had to start somewhere.
Rereading some of my favorite fantasy novels. What better way to get back to the hobbies I love the most than reading those novels that introduced me to the love of stories.
I have "Discovered" Grammarly. At first, I tried to use the "Free" version and was thrilled by the assistance it gave me with simple grammar problems. HOWEVER, I was frustrated by the number of "Advanced Issues." I spent days trying to edit out those Advanced Issues without any guidance and just kept creating more issues. Ultimately, I spent the money for a 3-month membership.
If you need some other free options there are http://www.grammarcheck.net/editor/ and http://www.grammarcheckforsentence.com/
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I am working hard to remove passive voice and those pesky little errors that plague my writing.
I cannot seem to break the habit of writing in a passive voice.
It has been months, I mean months, since I have been on this site. My professional life had taken over my personal life and my writing life. I am beginning to come up for air after 5 months of struggling.

Now, I just need to get the creative juices flowing again, and write.
Welcome back, love! *Heart* It might take a while to get back into the writing groove, but it's worth the effort!
Giving a lot of thought to going back to school for a MFA degree. I am older and have kids getting ready for college so this is a little scary.

Can anyone suggest a good, online, accredited school?

I appreciate any feedback.
Here's hoping 2016 brings better health, happiness, and the love of friends and family.
Christmas and 85 degrees. Guess who is swimming off her Christmas dinner today. *Laugh*
On the edge of change is a very scary place to be.