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Happy Birthday Steve. Have a great day with *Cake*,*CandleG* s , *ConfettiP* , *BalloonV* s and all that sort of stuff.

Happy 7th WDC Anniversary, Steven!


Happy 7th WDC Anniversary Steve with *BalloonG* s, *ConfettiP* < *CakeP* and all that sort of thing.
*CakeB* Happy Birthday Steve, have a great day. *CakeP*
Happy 5th WDC Anniversary Steve. *CakeB*
Here's wishing you a happy WDC Anniversary Steve. *CakeB*
Happy third my friend.
just a friendly reminder that you are a ray of sunshine, hope you have a lovely day💞
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Thank you!
Am I able to increase the points paid on my highlighted items?
Technical questions have a better chance of being seen sooner if you post them in "Technical Support Forum.

Putting items in the Highlighted area has nothing to do with GPs.

For your AutoReward items, you can change the amount any time in the edit screen, as long as you have enough GPs to meet the minimums.
Traveling around the country right now. Spent a week in New England, now in Flint, Michigan area. Distressing to see all the hatred and unrest.
Will soon be back to my safe little corner of the world.
Pleased to see I have had a couple of reviews . . .yay! I'll probably wait til I get back to respond. Doing this on my phone.
I just watched a taped episode on 20/20 about the Columbine shooting. Mainly about the mother of one of the shooters. I was struck by how her son was contemplating taking his own life and instead took the life of 13 innocent people as well as his own.
A tragic day. *Sad*
I watched the 20/20 episode also. Sue Klebold wrote a book which I'm currently listening to on Audibles. It is very well written and I am saddened by the community and media response to what happened and how the Klebolds were treated. I connected to Sue Klebold who I feel was honest, raw and vulnerable in her retelling of the events leading up to and after that horrible day. I am touched by her story.
The poor mom will be wondering why and dealing with guilt the rest of her life wondering what she could have done. Sometimes there is no logical reason why a person will do what they do. It wasn't her fault, yet there will be many that believe in their minds that she was in some way responsible.
After an awesome review and recommendation, I've edited my item to allow an "E" rating:
I've Moved On  (E)
It's been nine years since my wife passed away from cancer the day before Valentine's Day.

Thank you Ann!
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Actually I appreciate everyone that commented or reviewed my poem.
I went back and added review points to my requests for reviews. I don't think I've done that before and I'm hoping it makes an item more tempting to review. *Delight*
I just finished another poem. It's about suicide, please be aware before you read.
 The Debt is Paid  (18+)
A tortured man pays the price to quiet his angry soul of his unmerited guilt.
#2074978 by Steven Alexander
It's all working today. I'm preparing to post my latest poem on Facebook tomorrow morning. The suns out, it's going to be close to 80 degrees, I'm happy and almost past another Valentine's Day.
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