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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
Thanks. 👍
To my fans and friends, I'm sorry. I'm leaving writing for a while to work on my own writing get it back up to par. I'm looking for writers to hang onto my stories that don't want to see them die. I have seen many writers come and go and most of them were my friends that upped and vanished.

I will be around to make sure that my good stories are taken good care of before going down with the ship.

To be honest, I don't know if or when i will come back. It might be under a different name, but only time will tell.

Email me if you want something from me.

This has been Writing.com News, I'm Friendly Thinker signing off~
As far as I know, your account never gets terminated, though maybe double check with Technical Help to be sure. *Wink* If you aren't active and have a paid membership, as I understand it, everything but 10 items get hidden. But when you come back (even years later), once you pay for the membership to be able to see everything, it's all there again.

Again, this is my understanding. Check with the technical forum to be sure. But I know you can go a month or more with no problems. I've gone 6 weeks and came back fine. The only real issue is if you miss a vital announcement such as when SM said to change our passwords because the server (housed by another company) had been hacked. But even then, he sends out an e-mail, so as long as you go back and read your old e-mails, you should be fine. *Wink*

Are you doing NaNo?
No, I never have the time for it due to work. Plus I need to work on my own writing anyways.
Well, NaNo is your own writing, but I understand. It does take time to write that much.

Good luck!
Appearently SOPA has been changed into CISPA and it needs to be stopped.


We need to stop any form of SOPA.


There should be a youtube video of a news report about it, but I'm not sure. Need a total of 40,000 sigs to beat it back like SOPA.
Last night was college graduation for me and the rest of the 2014 class there. Four years of sleep loss, hard work, and something else. I have a degree in Software Developer for games and a Certificate for Computer Programmer. I'm going to rest and see about getting a job after some other things. Might go back to the college for a job to earn some money for classes, but no major.
Congratulations! Relax and take some time out!
Thanks. I need to see about my writing.
With the X series getting back on track, I think we can move on with other stories like blake and my DBZ and Bleach stories. Jak has his omegaman story after the X story.

If raddish is doing attacks like double sunday and Saturday Crush. should ryan use elemental attacks in his super saiyan 1 form? Goku has the Kaio-Ken; ryan has the Golden Bullet, a false form of the real super saiyan or pre form of it with the same boost of kaio-ken.

Ryan gets pissed at Dr. gero for turning his friends into androids and goes into real super saiyan form like goku. he kicks vegeta out of the cave and turn his eyes to the other warriors.

"You leave them to me." ryan said with dead serious look in his eyes.

he turn his glare on the dr before teleporting to him. he stabbed his fist through his heart before slamming the head into the floor breaking the glass case. rising his hand, red energy started to gather to it before becoming flames and burn him to ashes.

"turning my friends into what they are now. that bastard is dead." he said turn his sight on 17 and 18

reverting back to normal, he walked towards 18 first and binds her in a hug. ~Remember who you are and I will be waiting for you to return." he said in her ear leaving something in her pocket

should ryan use the time chamber with someone?
that prank idea might work with the real missing arm and there is no blood.
It'd be a troll moment lol
Ryan learns how to use elements with his ki attacks from a secret teacher or learned it from a naruto game. i think his family would know about that.
Attention all writers!

SOPA came back again and I'm not sure if Writing is on the list. I'm watching the Signature counter going up every time I refresh the page. I need help saving fanfiction and possible deviantart. We writers need to stand together to stop it. The counter is over half way and slowly growing. There is not alot of time 4 days left and I won't let them fade into the dark of oblivion.

I need help!
you'll be glad to know my little sister posted in on FBook w/o me even bringing it up, the word is out!
Thanks for the help. i'll update you on the counter when I have a chance to look. if you know someone with a youtube that will help as well.
Update: 88k have signed so will be 90 soon. I'm proud to call you my writing brothers and sisters. I'll send a small GP award if you did want that and i will honor my word, but not all of you will get the gift.
Blake, Luigi, and Pen, I think we need to trade email outside writing so we can stay in touch in some way. what do you think?
You can try contacting me at shrunkendeviant@gmail.com. I don't use email much, but I'll respond if I can.
just need a way for us to stay in contact if we stop using writing.
I have all of our group emails.
Hey Blake, Penn, and Luigi has it been my turn to write?
i completely forgot if it was my turn to write.
Umm nope XD, I was supposed to get to it but I've been having severe trouble with my computer. Right now is almost a zombie, I managed to repair it enough for it to work, but the graphic card died and almost everything goes slow as hell. well, at least I can write. I'll be catching up and I'll let you all know in my notebook any update
ok i'll wait for my turn and see about writing more to my string of chapters.
Zero, i just posted my chapter that has been overdued.
Ok. I took a small break from writing. I'm back. Congrats Zero.
Chapter's up. Sorry I took so long, I got a bit bogged down. I added some stuff at the end of the chapter, but I may have missed a few errors. I'll go back through it tomorrow.
did you find anything?
Pen, did you make the corrections on the fight chapter?
I checked the rough draft Pen sent and it seemed ok, i didnt see anything wrong in it
I'm writing a chapter that will have a song i have just written for the chapter and its not a real song.
I played a little of the game, but i'm in need of the super inflator.
Well you probably need to search for something in a different title category.
Like maybe Giant or something, maybe resizer? I'll look around for you if needed.
i have the resizer installed so maybe you can find something.
dude, did you fix the code yesterday?
I'm installing garry's mod right now, but its going to be awhile.
did you download everything?
No i still got a lot of shopping to do.

Note: if you add too much downloads your game will start crashing.

Try to limit yourself to ones you REALLY want or REALLY like.
like renamon and just her.
you seen krystal in the workshop?
Any of you heard or know anything about Garry's Mod Website?
What games do you play on steam?
mostly dungoen fighter and atlantica, but i'm planning on maplestory it and mabinogi has my game data on there after its done downloading.

what about rose online?
i bought a steam card, but i got a code on a receipt.
I do have a fanfiction account, but i'm mostly reading stories before i write any.
CripptedAngel, but soon changing getting another one
Ok, but when one has your stories on it?

And I still didn't see the Fifth part of you story on here.
Nah nah I'm too self conscious to write on Fanfiction, that's why I mostly read not write on there.
I'll send the next Chapter to you first before I put it up, but I have to make sure I get a good grade in math before i do
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