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Ugh. I need to vent some. I'm rather depressed that while everybody around me has smart phones & tablets while I'm stuck with a very low tech phone that can't even use emojis. I'm also seing a lot of people with a Switch while my consoles are over a decade old and impossible to find more games that are affordable and decent.
Ah, yes. I remember sending you a $1300 tablet last year. You said it didn't come with a stylus and asked for all the order info so you could contact them. Then you said your parents threw it away like a week later and you asked me to order another. If anyone orders something for you, if it's not returned, apparently, it will be thrown away, so I wouldn't recommend it. It definitely sucks, though.
I hope my comment changed to cared. My fingers hit the wrong emoji the first time!(Phones aren't always what they're cracked up to be)
I've added a new entry to my book, "Thought of the Day:
         "Road Humor
I've added a new entry to my book, "Thought of the Day:
         "Zombie Joke
Thank you Khola Mousethyme for being my mouse reading in that perfect spot atop my derg head right between the ears (and giving me scratchies there). May you always find a good book as well as the perfect snack for your purch.

Thank you 🐺Wolfkingdom🏰 for being my official booper and boopee. You are always such a fun fox when it comes to growth. May you always get bigger in size and heart. Also, may you always be around the derg goddesses that love to outgrow all things (not to mention have their chest expand to outrageous proportions).

Lastly, thank you all members who have read this far and have put up with my derg antics on the newsfeed. May your inner dragon find its way out from time to time.
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*looks left, looks right, gives a boop and vanishes*
*the massive derg pounces on his human prey delivering boops as they arrive to WDC*
Sometimes I feel like a different individual. Am I the only one to associate between multiple characters? Let me explain. There are some days when I feel like Gulp Dragondawn, a very empathetic male derg that has a puppy like attitude. Other times I feel like Yani, the sexy feamale anthro derg counterpart who is very whimsical and power hungry (especially for growth) but still somewhat friendly, albeit also destructive. She also is nuts about her chest expanding as big as possible.

I just wanted to get this out and wondered if anyone had any feedback or shared feelings of what's behind this.
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I'm sure that other people sometimes feel like being different characters. I know irl sometimes I imagine being a wolf, a fox or a hawk. Just depends on my mood.

Fun fact: while I'm playing Minecraft, I have multiple personas. Sometimes I'm an adventurer. Sometimes I run around smashing things. Other times I nurture passive NPCs.

It's just different aspects of my personality coming through.

So anyways, all that rambling is to say that I don't think it's weird to feel like different people. Just as long as you remember what each personality is doing and they don't harm anyone or themselves.
*the massive derg once again galumphs into WDC, tail thumping the ground in excitement as he approaches the small beings called humans*

"Who wants a boop? (Put your paw down WK *Laugh*)

*the 50ft anthro dragoness is enjoying being big and welcomes all who admire her massive and muscular features*
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*walks up to the dragoness and boops her*
*with a sweep of his massive tail and wings the friendly derg gathers together all his stuffed animals before yawning and curling up for the night*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Thought of the Day:
         "Primate Joke
*lumbers over to WDC burdened with trays of coffee, donuts, danishes, and other derg sized breakfast food* "Anyone hungry?" *his nice long powerful tail thumps the ground and his tallons/claws itch for a good booping*
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*picks up a coffee and donut, then boops a Derg as thanks*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Thought of the Day:
         "Dragon Biology
*Massive derg bends way way over and licks his WDC friends*

Yes, I know it doesn't come out! *Laugh**Heart*
*galumphs to WDC and plops down with all manner of breakfast items carried in his massive beefy arms while his tail thumps the ground happy to have his hoard of small WDC members* Who wants a derg boop?
Love boops of all kinds *Smile* Boop away.
Need some happy boops my way *Hug1**Frown**Hug2*
*appears out of thin air and boops*
There, now you got boops too!
*boop* I've been under the weather lately. Sorry if I've missed any newsfeeds, I've tried to catch up but 55 feeds was a lot. As of now my projects will take longer to complete (as a result of meds and extra rest).

*Curls up around WDC and watches his smaller friends as he rests*
*boops for your health in recovery*
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