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I've added a new entry to my book, "Contest Entries:
         "Bad Luck
Happy 14th Anniversary!!! WOOHOO!! CONGRATULATIONS!
Thank you!
"Note: Since it's that time to remi..." More trinkets to grab! Shiny. *Bigsmile*
Thank You!!
(GHDDJLRC for those who'd love to share) Hop to it- a shiny new toy for everyone to enjoy!
Thank you for the trinket!
Thank You!
Thank you!
"Note: The deadline for judging the 20..." Watch this and help out please! Shhhhh, Elle knows nothing about me posting this activity. Don't tag her. *Bigsmile*
Solved a quote on time and earned 5th place! Now that April Fool passed away... I have written an April Fool joke all in code! Since it involves foreign language- well there's your hint. It's lettuce out time! Lol
I forgot good smelling soap flavor... But passed one on my search for things at Wal-Mart. Even it was almost picked out... Should I have bought it?
Well, if you have soap at home then I don't think it's needed
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
         Note: "Invalid Item Help this person decide! I love the options it gives too.

Okay a 2 and a 9 makes all the difference...
I've added a new entry to my book, "Contest Entries:
I've added a new entry to my book, "Contest Entries:
         "Rocked Out of Style
Still have open spots for naming this contest! "No title yet- come name this contest! Winning name will get used. I see great entries available.