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Happy 16th WDC Anniversary! *Bigsmile*

Carry on! *Witch*

I hope your day is/was wonderful.
Happy anniversary
Congrats on your 16th anniversary
see above.

Happy 16th, DRSmith!!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*Giftp* *Giftt* *GiftV* *Giftp* *Giftt* *GiftV*
b}Listen my friend, I am telling you to have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. simple as that, no bells or whistles just a {/b}*Cake*
Happy anniversary
Have a wonderful birthday!!



Try not to strain yourself too much while celebrating! *BalloonBl*


TUESDAY TIDBIT...what are kids learning these days?
When rummaging through the attic over the weekend, I taught my 8th-grade grandson how to use a slide rule and protractor. He showed them to classmates yesterday and by noon we were called to come get him... that he was suspended for 10 days after a couple students accused him of being an Al Gebra terrorist for carrying weapons of math-destruction to school.
Thursday Tidbits: Gadget gimmickry or bust?

The wife was watching a serviceman repair our garage door opener yesterday when the conversation touched upon how cell phones can be used to control home appliances these days, though many apps seemed totally pointless to him; "even disastrous," he emphasized.

"For example, a month ago the wife hounded me for a new clothes washer that could be turned on by her cell phone," and went on to explain how he caved to relentless argument against a regular one. "Lemme tell you what happened," he continued. "About three weeks later, she was out shopping with friends when I came home early from work to find the house was flooded. Turns out, she set a tile on her phone to the washer and was butt-dialing the damned thing! Water everywhere! And it even broke the machine... had to get a new one, only this time my way!" he insisted.

Despite restrained laughter, my ever-quirky wife was quick to respond. "I agree with you there's no reason why one can't just push a couple buttons to get a wash going, but if someone can ever figure out how to get a cell phone to move a wet wash load into the dryer, then I'm all in."
Hey y'all... me again and it's been awhile, but I'm still confused.

Was at a nearby campus pub yesterday for trivia night and a question came up:
"What's the State bird of Kentucky?" when I overheard a student seated next to me whisper to her girlfriend.
"Oh, I know that one, Tina... it's the middle finger."

*Smirk* At $50K a year, what kind of education are graduate students getting these days?
Ugh, I'm still confused.
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She was wrong, because obviously that bird is the spirit animal of road rage, which every state has.
Me again, and I'm confused...
A friend of mine is going into the service and wants me to adopt his three parrots
but the wife won't let me have 'em because she says:
"they'll start talking in fowl language?"
Oy, I'm still confused.
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Don't take the parrots.

Unless you want to have to be talked into a corner by 4.
Happy 15th anniversary!
Me again... and I'm confused.

Is it true a marriage study was done that concluded wives who gain weight
live longer than husbands who mention it?
I'm still confused.
I can’t respond, 🌓 HuntersMoon. I’m busy picking out your headstone.
That is a true fact backed by science and police investigations worldwide.
He who does not help to destress the wife, could pay with his life.
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