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I just added an honest piece to my portfolio. If you would care to share your thoughts it would be appreciated.
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I somehow managed to lose the word softly when referring to closing a door to a room containing a child. We are left with "closing the door, or slamming the door, Neither of those alternative take the place of one little ADVERB!

I know from my past work that some adverbs are superfluous. Others can be eliminated by changing Sentence structure, Not all adverbs reflect poor writing skills. Sometimes it is necessary to close the door softly..

While it's true that not all -ly adverbs can be eliminated, most can be, even if the editing software can't come up with a decent suggestion.

In this context, softly isn't an exception.
          He closed the door softly.

Each example revision is designed to do a different job.
          He eased the door closed.
          He tiptoed out and drew the door shut.
          He slipped out and shut the door, leaving the quiet undisturbed.
          Intent on preserving the quiet, he tiptoed out and shut the door.
I've graduated to a new level of editing software. What a shock! It seems to me that an important part of communication has been lopped off with the grammar ax .

I can no longer close a door in deference to a child sleeping in the room. I can slam the door. "Closing the door" does not offer an opportunity to connect emotionally with the closer.

"How many cookies do you want?" Just one. The adverb, while not essential to the communication, infers that the recipient is on a diet for whatever reason.

The butchers of our language are iintentionally limiting communications to nouns and verbs. What is left?
A Grunt to attract attention followed by"apple eat!"

How about good old Tom Swift? "Another pancake?" asked Tom Flippantly.

Over use of adverbs is as abhorrent to me as the "vocabulary genocide" now in progress.

Moderation is the only way to preserve effective and pleasant communication.
In my experience, it isn't moderation that gets the best results, but using the tool best suited for the job and in the right place.
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 The death of a mansion  (E)
Two boys witness the demise of an old mansion falling into the sea.
I just posted part of the book I am still (after all these years) working upon. I really would appreciate any input, that you might have. Thank you.

I will going to see it my friend, hey Mo I still haven't finished reviewing the chapter you've send. *Blush* I will continue it this afternoon. Regards to you!
What's the link, hon?

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Happy Birthday, my friend. Hope you are well and enjoying the day.
Many blessings upon you and yours.
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Happy Birthday, hon! Have a great day.
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 Tax man  (E)
Thoughts on taxation