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My wife is in and out of a coma. I am definitely on death watch. She is on hospice and wants to be home when the end comes.

My three children are with us. I don't recommend this method of having a family reunion. I would appreciate prayers or just good vibes.

David Tofflemire AKA Moarzjasac
I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I went through a very similar thing, so I know it's tough. (((hugs for you)))
Lost my first wife in the way you describe. You have my Prayers and Condolences David.
Having been a minister for many years, I have sat with families at such times. Words may fail to bring consolation, but knowing that those who care about you are thinking of you could help to lighten a heavy heart. God bless you and your family.
Covid 19 is in house now! One dead and one dying, Two ladies in their seventies. That hits close to home. Everyone is really keeping the doors shut tight. It was a beautiful day so my grandson took me beyond the foot patrols. It was nice to get out into the sunshine and walk down the levy that keeps the Atchafalaya, swamp contained. Counted thirty two species of birds going about there lives with nothing to fear from "the Virus." The songs they sing seem to take on new meanings in these days of fear and shortages. I had to buy a mask for $3.99 to go inside a store to buy milk and applesauce. I would have bought fresh fruit but I have no idea how many times it was touched by human hands from Orchard to the display in the market.

I'd like to say I see better days on the horizon. The talking heads keep up their yammer yada yada. I believe very little on TV or internet except for my friends here at WDC it has been my experience that most are straight shooters and far above media,s misconstruing the news.

There are a lot of fine folks here. I'm sending everyone a giant cyber hug which I guarantee is germ free. And the biggest smile I can shape my face into. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who reads this. Stay safe!
Still shut in here. We can walk outside, very few do, though. I really miss talking with people. For anyone unfamiliar with my circumstances, I live in Baton Rouge La, USA. My address reflects the fact that I live on the 11th of twelve floors in a poured concrete and steel building which has a stucco like finish in a dark shade of gold mixed with white. The paint was not mixed in one batch so the discerning eye can see five different shades not too bad of a match. Both wings are twelve stories high forming a 120 degree vee. I was elated today when I went down for mail I saw someone. Wow I realized this isn't all some arcane scene in a bizarre unedited cut of a half finished film by two senior students that will garner a C+ at best when they finish "When The Virus is Gone." Apocalyptic Scenes of a totally empty street are easy if you're patient enough to let a string of three cars pass, ten seconds and one car enters from the west followed by three minutes till the next cluster of three is set free by a computer controlled traffic light. Only a few young people venture out on foot. I would really like to join them, but I am at high risk from the virus that lives in the back of everyone's consciousness. So much is unknown! Brainiac's with several clusters of letters after their names still argue about how it is spread. Where does that leave me, a self educated old man pushing eighty harder every year.
I hope you know I couldn't make it through this without all of you. Thank You MOE
take care, my friend.*Heart*
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 Work in progress  (13+)
A novel after a hurricane hits New Orleans
This is after days of going over and over this. I'd love an opinion from anyone.
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A comparison of the passage of time then and now
Old man asking for a review

This piece I'm asking you to review is longer than what you normally encounter. This is a piece for you to read by choice. Please put down your phone, or tablet, or video game. Remember this is just chapter 1. I ask you to please read the whole chapter slowly enough so when you finish you can write a real in depth review I really don't want any other kind no half reviews because I didn't have time to finish or God Forbid any “let's make this old man feel good with a high rating.”

I write to catch my reader's attention and I hope for them to leave them wanting more. If I can’t do that then I waste your time and some of the very precious time I have left. Please be honest with me. Thank you. If I am to fulfill my dream, I need you to read my work and give me feedback.
You, especially the first hundred, will have an active part in getting the story written. Please I can’t do it without you. You must judge is the story good or bad?

The second chapter has not been put into my computer. Only if you tell me it's worth the time and effort will I write the next chapter so this will wind up as sort of a serial novel a bit at a time. If and only if you desire to hear more, let me know.

I hope you like what I see from my window. That is what I write about.

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Work in progress  (13+)
A novel after a hurricane hits New Orleans
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I just added an honest piece to my portfolio. If you would care to share your thoughts it would be appreciated.
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