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I'm looking for beta readers for my very first novel, (I don't want it to suck!), and would love someone to step up to the plate. I already have one excellent beta reader for my purely fantastical novel, Octavius please take a bow, your awesome, but it is always smart to have more than one beta reader, please sign up. Anywho, I have edited my chapters all the way till chapter 8 so feel free to check it out, and if you like it, read the prologue. thank you much in advance. here is where you can go to read chapter 8 and all the others. Please let me know if your interested in being a beta reader, I've been told by many people on this site that my work is good, maybe you think so too.

 Gorkan's Brother: A prophecy rises  (18+)
Chapters to my first novel about a dwarf who has to find himself through a daunting quest.
#2175706 by Duhh Christmas tree Factor

You could also offer to trade beta readings since NaNo is just finishing. I know most folks aren't ready yet, but they will be in the next month to few months.
Thank you for the information, I just thought everyone else would just assume it would be reciprocated, but that's how I work, so yes, I can be a beta reader for someone else who is looking for one, hopefully, someone in the fantasy and epic fantasy genres as those are the stories and books I enjoy the most. Who knows, yours may eventually be taught in creative writing classes for my kid.
Anyone considering this, I've read some of Duhh Christmas tree Factor's story and I think it's quite entertaining/interesting. At least give it a preview before deciding you don't want to. *Wink*
Well, I have finally finished my new edits to Chapters 5,6, & 7. There are GP's for those interested in giving reviews on any of them. Here they are for your reading pleasure.

 Chapter 5 Time Te Go  (18+)
the pressure's on, it's time to go
#2206275 by Duhh Christmas tree Factor

 Chapter 6 Da Prodigy  (13+)
The first night
#2206046 by Duhh Christmas tree Factor

 Chapter 7 Meetin' Da Opposition  (13+)
Darcey is finally introduced to the resistance
#2206104 by Duhh Christmas tree Factor

I hope somebody reads these, cause I heard if you don't then apparently goblins will come and suck your toes. I don't know, that's the rumor anyway. *BigSmile*
I'm on it man.
I love your encouragement to review! That is awesome! Okay, I despise reviewing, but I'll advertise it for you. *Wink*
Thank you Schnujo Ho Ho Ho! thank you so much, I need it lol
Hi Duff *Delight*

It's so nice to meet you. Wow, a novel. "Gorkan's Brother: A Prophecy Rises" sounds so interesting. I could review a chapter, if you think that might be helpful.

Looking forward to talking with you further.

All the best,
I'm leaving myself a scribble, I hope I enjoy it.*Heart**CastleRight*
I finally finished revising my highlighted items in my folder,

 Gorkan's Brother: A prophecy rises  (18+)
Chapters to my first novel about a dwarf who has to find himself through a daunting quest.
#2175706 by Duhh Christmas tree Factor

The prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 3

I think there each worth 1500 GP's for a good solid review.
That should say chapter 2, they don't call me Duhhfactor for nothing. LOL
I'm going to be changing my book all around, this is the prologue that I came up with. It's a fantasy story about Dwarves. It only has 1208 words to it so it's not too long. It does reward some points for a good review. Please let me know what you think, the rest of my book will get changed based off of my prologue, so please help.

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#2202957 by Not Available.

I'll read it as soon as I can man. I'll write a review tomorrow.
NOOOO!!! I was almost done with the review (mine tend to be quite long) and I went to look up something and then lost the review. *Sob* Main points, I love the dad's name--*Heart*, like how you are working with an accent, and enjoyed the prologue. Comments/suggestions--Don't capitalize "o'" and check your accent work. Sometimes you have them saying stuff with a "th" and other times with a "d." Also, sometimes you have an "ing" and sometimes just "in." And you probably need to use an apostrophe when you use the "in" like "doin'" here.

Finally, the thing I was trying to look up is this link... https://www.johndcook.com/blog/2014/12/17/thou-thee-ye-you/ It has a podcast that talks about knowing when to use thee, thou, ye, and you. I thought it might help. Great job, especially with the accent, which can be tricky! I'm sorry I lost your official review. *Frown* Oh, and sometimes you used "te" and other times you used "to." You can hopefully use the Control F to get the Find function so you can just easily look for things like "to" and you can even search "ing." *Bigsmile* Good job and good luck!

(Sorry to leave your review here. I'm just too annoyed to go back and try again." *Pthb*)
The new chapter that has been re-written because of Copyright infringement is now up and ready to read. check it out it is worth 1995 Gp's for a good solid review. please let me know what you think.

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I hope you enjoy this. there will be more chapters as I edit them for my book, even some new parts for those who read it all before.
I wanted to enter this group about Chapter 1's and there is a contest that I believe runs only in September. I have searched this site, including the contest genre and I can't find it anywhere, it used to even be in my favorites. Does anyone know where I can find this group? I REALLY want to join this elite group so if the Moderator would e-mail me some information that would be great, even if it's to tell me the group no longer exists. Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give. If I'm not mistaken the contest was called "Only chapter 1"
Duhh Christmas tree Factor and A E Willcox
The Chapter One Competition was owned and sponsored by the "The Novel Workshop .

It was the forerunner to Bob’s “Only Chapter One”, and we do indeed require you have a review from him and edit accordingly as one of several prerequisites to entering your novel on our forum.

If you’re interested, please check out the link, and if you meet and agree to our rules and guidelines, we’d love to meet you.

I'm thinking about starting the same kind of forum....except mine will be LAST chapter only.
It's for people who want to know who the murderer is BEFORE they start on page 1. *Rolling*
Thanks everyone, I think it might be easier and possibly cheaper to just change the names of some of the characters and the one time I mention snow whites prophecy. So thank you for all of that. I am now not ready to join, lol.
I'd like to plug my own work as I need more than one beta reader. I am posting Chapter 1 and would like honest reviews, what you liked, what you didn't, character, setting, you get the drift.

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#2190728 by Not Available.

It's a fantasy about a dwarf realizing he has a particular quest to do to regain his family's honor.
I'm sharing this awesome writer's talents here so check it out!


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