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Hey friends, Sali here...infiltration go!!!! I am sure many of you have seen those God awful Progressive commercials...Since there are so many talented writers on this site, I was wondering...if you could re-write their commercials...what would you write? Me...I think I would do a sarcastic commercial. For example, the theme park commercial. At the end, Flo says, I think this was a bad idea. I would add in a narrator's voice, Yes, like this commercial! Rofl! Something along those lines, but hey, I am no writer, only a poet...so if you guys could come up with a new commercial idea for poor Progressive, what would it be? Just curious...thanks! Have fun brainstorming! Toodles! xxxoooxooos
Hello, this is Sali, Octavious' hacker on his site rofl and virus invader. I have gotten so many positive emails about Whistles in Rime that I would love to share the ideas that went into that poem. I originally wrote this piece for Verse of Estoria, a must read, if you have not done so already...and I had a frost character in mind from that story. He is a very stoic person at times so I imagine him standing in a blizzard just watching the snowflakes fall. I imagined that if they could talk, they would probably want to be caught lol sounds funny and crazy but that's what I had in mind. My point was that people are so caught up in their problems that they ignore the beauty around them. I do that a lot. Also, in reference to twin....it refers to the absence of spring and the absence of two things that are missing in his life. One is love and the other is a family member he has yet to meet. Well, I hope all this makes sense, but whatever you feel about it-go with it. Artwork is a matter of interpretation and I love watching your reactions and hearing your thoughts for each piece/prose. Thank you guys so much-adios! My two year old is having a bit of a tantrum right now! Uhhh life never ceases, does it?
Hey folks-just added my beautiful wife on my page. Many may have met her as Split Celestia. Well, she's back on my page lol...she wanted more space for her poems so I just opened a portfolio for her on mine. So, any readers she had on her page-you can read her poems on mine.
Welcome science fiction and fantasy group. Is there anything you want to read?
What do you have for me I'll try anything.
To all the savvy authors out there, Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew how to format books for Amazon and Smash words? Do I have to download a special program to my computer? All help on the subject or you-tube video suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am a quick study, but I need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks for the help. -Sincerely, Octavious
I found this guide on Amazon and I hope it helps https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G201723070
They explain both— paperback and eBook.
Hey dufus, what did you do to land you in the dungeon? *Laugh*
Alright, as per a friends request, I've added a scene in chapter 2 for a better story. Reviews and criticisms are welcomed. Thank you for your patience.

"Chapter 2
This is a must-read for all you sci-fi nuts out there, chapter 1 is good too and there not too long either.
OK, I've finished Karma chapter 2 love it or hate it let me know in the comments. Please be patient for my editing skill as i always edit after constructive feedback. Thank you for your patience with me.

"Chapter 2
I heard a quote on here that made sense to me..it was something like this, "If you focus too much on the prize, you will miss the target or bulls-eye" I think most people enter the writing industry with a false sense of optimism. No lie, the reviewers on here bring your pegs down a notch lol, but it helps keep you grounded. Don't get me wrong, optimism is needed to keep pressing on when you don't feel like nothing is going anywhere, but if you only write with the hopes of being the next J.R. Tolkien or George Lucas, I think, in my humble opinion, you are missing the point. The point is to improve-not to be famous. I think as I work on my craft, the right doors will be revealed for me to walk thru. I think if I keep aiming for my writing goals, I will get better and better and then after that, who knows? I just want to get my imagination out there and wherever it takes me, I'm game. Not to sound cliche but I believe the journey is more important than the destination.
I am going to completely agree with you on this. Sure, there are those who have honed their craft enough to seek publication. I have sought it myself a time or two. For whatever reason, I have not pushed my work out there diligently enough. At some point, perhaps I will.

As for the journey...it has been ten years since I finished my first novel. It has been reviewed, and edited multiple times. I have also rewritten parts that I felt could be better.

I re-open it upon occasion, as we all do with our older works. The thing is, no matter how many times we open our work...we will Always find something to improve, and to me...

This is part of the journey.

Of course, our new writings are a part of our journey as well. Every venture we take in writing is a journey to learn from...to laugh with...and maybe even to cry over.

Our writing is forever a part of our heart!
Sorry for the inconvenience I messed up the post but I just fixed it so anyone who reads can review and critique it.

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A man trying to carve out a piece of life for himself in the universe.
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Good read, makes me want to read more, you guys should check it out.
A work in progress. Any criticisms welcome.

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A man trying to carve out a piece of life for himself in the universe.
#2201501 by Octavius
I think I’ll be able to check it out in a bit.
I guess I just want to say thank you to everyone here helping me along my journey to become a half-way decent writer. Grammar isn't my strongest subject...my wife always chides me for misuse of words because she is more of a grammar guru than I...and she says hers isn't perfect either. I learn as I go along so every critique I take seriously...even from some that just don't like my stories period no matter what I do. I try to learn from all avenues and like many writers, I am just hoping I can do something with this. I have a lot riding on this and I am walking blind at this point. Any and all glimpses of light, as my wife would say, is greatly appreciated by both of us. I wonder if my kids will ever read anything I write? I hope so but if not, it's okay. Thanks to all of you at writing.com. You are lifesavers....