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Question. What did people call a recruit or cadet back in medieval times? If there is none, will recruit or cadet will work in a story with a medieval setting? Research reasons.
Slay the dragon, win the princess. Dig your spurs out of the hoard in the lair.
         That's just Shining Armor 101. Perhaps your major isn't eligible for the elective.
Thinking after having written (my norm), Schnujo, I'd like to hear your spurs-won story.
         There is a catch to the dragon basic strategy. If the flaming lizard is so lame that he's never had knight-on-the-half-shell, well ... You can't ride around with a grail strapped to your heel.
         The well-ransomed princess should have a pair of spurs in her trousseau. When you can't choose the spurs, choose the princess. Look up her family in Who's Who Thereabouts Camelot.
         If she's out of the House of Disney, I'd leave her to the dragon. King Walt kicks his girls out into the world with just the dresses on their backs.
I have no spurs in my trousseau. Perhaps THAT explains why I'm still single. *Think* Yep. That's what I'll claim. *Rolling*

I think my spurs won come from everything I did for the unit while I was in Iraq and the fact that I got attacked while with one of their Soldiers. But to be honest, I never asked why I was given the honor. lol Then again, at that point, I had a raging brain injury and am not sure I was even talking right again at that point. "Why" never crossed my mind. lol
Wow, procrastination is real.
Oh yeah, the struggle is real.
Uh, yeah. I even procrastinate about procrastinating. It's some next-level stuff going on in my head. Or not going on, maybe?

Meh, I'll think about it later.
yeah, let me get back to you on that comment. K?
When your best friend/brother passes away-you feel nothing but anger and regret. My wife and I are taking this loss pretty hard.

I am sorry for your loss, Octavius .
         I am one of three, all of us close enough together and far enough along in age that it is no longer conjectural as to which of us will mourn the others. The fear is growing.
         I am sorry also to hear that you are angry. Because I do not know why, I have no platitudes to offer. You will heal, and learn to live with the scar. I rub mine absentmindedly throughout the day, until the tissue is oily and smooth. In the morning, in the cool air, it has dried and roughened again.
         May your beloved brother rest in peace.
Hello Writers! It's Octavious' better half hacking once again! LOL HOW IS EVERYONE DOING? This pandemic is something else. I hope everyone is okay mentally and still encouraged to write some beautiful stories. I never write poetry unless I am inspired to...It's usually my way of expressing life situations or just things that grab at me by random. Lol! I am so excited about all these projects Octavious and I have been working on. It's always nice to work with a bestie...especially during a time of crisis. I hope everyone stays safe, happy and enjoy family life before the world gets way to busy to enjoy anything. Time is precious and all lives matter.
Happy Birthday, my friend.
Enjoy it to the fullest!
Thanks a bunch.
Hello Everyone today is the last day to get your free copy of The Verse of Estoria. Don't miss out.

Hello everyone. The Verse of Estoria is finished and now on Amazon. If you like action, adventure, and pulling fight scenes then give it a read. Its free from now until March 7. Its short and won't take too much of your time and a fun read If you really like it (or not), leave a review I welcome all sorts of readers and critisisms. I have other works in progress on my portfollio that will soon go up so if your interest give those a read. Keep reading and ill keep writing.

Congratulations! That's super awesome!!! *Heart*

Congratulations, Octavius !!
         All the advice in the world is not worth one instance of real achievement. However many copies it sells in this cluttered and clueless world, you have achieved something real.
Thanks to everyone who helped me with this project.
Has anyone done anything they immediately regretted right afterward?
Yep--All the time! lol
Sup everyone I just finished reading a book called The Origins of F.O.R.C. E by Sam B. Miller and its a sci-fi covering an alien invasion. The science is well researched and the characters are lovable as they struggle to deal with a coming menace. Check it out if you like on Amazon or if you like, I can loan you a copy if you like just email me your email address and I'll have it sent to you.


on your promtion to Preferred Author!!!
You look great in yellow!
Kindest Regards, Lilli