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Happy eighth WDC anniversary

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I haven't been on here in awhile, though I do log on to see whats going on. Life sometimes throws you some curves you're not prepared for and it can drain all the water out of your bucket. Now trying to get back in the swing, I rewrote an old story. It seemed to fit the times if you're into 'End of the world scenarios'. The Empty Streets
 The Empty Streets  (13+)
Vaccinations are supposed to keep us well. Your thinking is about to change.
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A friend said it would make a good first chapter. Maybe?
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Lost files. How much thought do we give to backing up our files or other important documents we accumulate in our daily lives. A fire destroyed my computer and the backups that were in the same room. It has been a pain trying to replace some of this stuff. On the sites I am connected to, I am able to recover what I had posted, but there is a lot of stuff that is just lost. Thankfully I have two brothers helping me replace my pictures, though there is going to be a lot of gaps. I am not to savvy with the ‘Cloud’, but in the future I will have off-site backup, even if it’s just a thumb drive in the glove-box of my car.
Just something to keep in the back of your mind.
A lost art, will it be discovered again? I’m talking about cursive writing. This thought was provoked by a letter I needed to write to someone, I doubted was connected to the computerized world we take for granite. I did write my letter and I am waiting for the postman, and wondering how long it will be before I received a reply. It seems we have been digitally programmed to expect an answer within the next thirty minutes, Heaven forbid we have to wait a day or two. I did find cursive writing was still being taught in some schools and others schools were putting it back as a required subject. Needless to say, I doubt anyone would be willing to give up their, spell check, synonyms, and thesaurus and go back to pen and paper or a typewriter. For those who don’t know what cursive writing is, it’s a secret code us old folks use.
ummmmm….granted...not granite
maybe your spell check has MLK Day off?
Naw, it's mad at me. I did a search on corrupt politicians and it ran out of room.
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Halloween, is it a scary day? It should be for the wicked who prey upon the inicedent. It is to bad justice cannot be metered out by the ones affected.

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The pen is mightier than the sword; how many times have we heard that? Undoubtedly it has changed the world, but not always. It seems to work best for the Governments, especially ours, as the present seems to be catching up with the past when over 500 treaties were made with American Indian tribes,. Always for their best interest, primarily for land cessations, but 500 treaties were also broken, changed or nullified when it served the government’s interests.

Words put to paper bring forth thoughts and ideas and if they are worthy of human righteous don't throw away the sword, sometimes that is all someone else can understand.
Happy late birthday. I hope it was a magical day for you.
HBD Cupcakes
What an awesome writing site. Even when I didn't even place in a contest, they have offered and worked with me until the story was right. To all of you out there, Awesome and thank you.
Yeah, these guys are pretty great. They don't always agree on how to make your writing better, but it's nice to get all of that input to work with, you know?
To write a realistic short story with its many variables in a defined word count stretches the muscles of the mind to the point; that I ask myself, why am I doing this? It’s not because it was one of the rules of the contest. It would be so much easier to write ‘See Bob run’, but just how much interest would that generate? And, it certainly not because words flow from my fingertips like a duck swimming through water, because it’s not. Every sentence is extracted with great difficulty, not because I’m dumb, but because my mind and hands were always focused on taking care of those around me. So why do I do this? It’s now, I have the time and realize I am lacking in the transferring of thoughts to paper in such a way that one becomes unaware of their own surroundings. One day I will get there, with perseverance and relearning what a teacher tried to teach me a half a century ago.

Just tried the...read aloud-mode on my computer. Never again! a voice from deep-space, not human at all is now stuck in my head. And, I had to shut the computer down to get it to shut up. I don't believe they auditioned for this, if they did, we're in a lot more trouble than we thought.
I just saw that on my own laptop this morning for the first time!
I didn't click on it though, but now you've got me really curious!