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True Love Collection
One Cloudy Day
Blue walls and Black walls, Green creeks and Gray falls. Hide amidst the clouds, steam covered shroud. Lush trees and Green leaves lead to mist and dew. I love you. Oxygen producer, air freshner, life giver. Ocean flows, flower brings, bees stingin.
Earth's sweet smell, mellow Yell, lovin sweet! birds singin. Cling now! hold tight, sweet lovin all night, river flow!

My writing is back. I love my new job! It is very exciting and I am able to get some writing material which is great. But I must be true to myself and write about my favorite subject which is Love...,,,
You wouldn't believe how people change when you get a promotion. It's amazing to watch and now I must write about it!
Hello I have been so busy and pre-occupied with getting a promotion at work. It feels absolutely awesome to have achieved that goal but, I must admit that I am not really living the life that I want if I am not putting words on a page and bringing a character or an event, or a setting to life. Oh joy!
Hello: I have been very busy looking over my work and trying to enhance my characters. I have also been caught up in writing down my ideas as soon as they come into my head which distracts me from concentrating on one work. But I will continue to Write On!
I am about half way finished reading Queen Isabella who just marched into England with an army headed by her alleged lover to dethrone her husband King Edward II. She left England under the auspices that their son needed to visit her father who is the King of France, however, the truth is that her husband's lovers have become unbearable as they take all of King Edward's attention and then they advanced to managing her purse and giving her a skimpy allowance. How dare they!.........
My goal this week is to write everyday. I have been preoccupied with other things and my writing has gone cool. I plan on blazing a trail back.........
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Good luck writing every day! You can do it!
I am very excited about joining the writing community. I am an avid reader and I love words. I love writing about many things including the earth, the moon, the sun, the ocean, and the stars, and above all about love. However, my favorite genre is historical nonfiction and I am also a poet.
Welcome to WDC, Edwina Carol Do share your works with us and have fun *Smile*
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