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I'll admit, I'm pretty proud of this concrete poem *Proud* *Duck*

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I've just edited an item in my portfolio and added it to my highlighted posts!
 A Deafening Decrescendo - Part One  (GC)
This is a work in progress about a woman suffering from a fictional disease: The Descent.
It's been a long time, WDC! But I'm back and more enthusiastic than ever. Someone recently gifted me an upgraded membership (THANK YOU!) and I plan on filling my newly expanded portfolio soon. Thanks for still being here. This has always been a safe haven to come back to when the clouds finally part *Heart*
Congratulations on being in the showcase!
Congratulations on being in the showcase!
Welcome to WdC. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do! I have been here over a year, and have learned so much!

My advice is to learn your way around, be sure to check out Writing.com 101. Ask questions, join a contest or two.

Make yourself at home because we are all a huge family.

Write On *PenBl*
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/ejoshmo