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Just a quick update as things have been crazy and a few are waiting for me to do some things in forums and groups.

Less than a week ago, I was in a car accident. No one was injured that night enough for police to even come to the scene. Mine was hit so I have minor issues of whip lash and some nausea but doing fine. My car has recently been deemed not salvageable (it was really small and not very expensive so doesn't take much to break that threshold). So, I'm just dealing with a lot of stress as I get things squared away and get another vehicle.

Writing is in the background but still getting geared up for November. Hope everyone out there in the writing world here is doing well.

We are near Halloween and even in these crazy times, personal struggles and uncommon situations, we can rise and we can write.
I am still dealing with the repercussions of my own car accident from a year ago on Halloween nigh, so I know some of what you are going through and wish you the best of a bad situation. Good luck!
I can relate. It is a major challenge. God be with you in Jesus' name, heal you, and keep you uplifted in spirit. Safe travels and many blessings.
I read this last night on my phone. The heart emoji does not mean I love that you got hurt. It was meant to be like a hug from afar. A careful hug. I hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself.
To NaNo or not to Nano, that is the question...

Seriously though, I am trying to decide if I want to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. I've had some successful years, a very successful year and some misses. The last few with working retail full time have been misses though last year it was only by a few thousand words.

And if I do attempt again: what do I write? I have so many works in progress, it would help to pick one, two or three of those to finish. However, I have many other ideas that could be written too from word 1 (which is the official rule). So many options.

Also have a group that I used to maintain for November that included a forum. I could get those going again if people are interested.
NaNoWriMo Plus  (13+)
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NaNoWriMo Plus Forum  (ASR)
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I don't know what to do. Working all of the time, finishing up the business "class" done through conference calls. It's not going to get easier as we get to fall/winter even though it's not cold in LA because I work in retail store with a pharmacy. Still, I want to write but it's a struggle.

hmmm what to do, what to do...
I am in the same situation. I kind of like the energy of NaNo, but I have too much to do. I think I wrote 85,000 words in 2018 or 2019. I forgot. The years all run together.

We can choose from three options:

1. Don't Nano.

2. Use Jeff-o'-lantern 's NaNoWriteAThon (if he runs it this year) and pledge to write a certain number of words. I think he allows 25,000.

3. We make a forum for those who want to NaNo, but are too busy for 50k. We could each pledge our target word number and check in once a week. At the end, we do a merit badge exchange among all participants who make it to the end of our own goal. We could even super low-ball it. Like 5,000 words minimum so that we have a higher chance of winning. That's like 170 words per day.
One of my daughters had extensive IEPs done throughout her school years, and they took the better part of a morning / afternoon review. I can't even imagine how long it takes to put together. Best of luck to you!
Is it better to have written something than to let it slip like sand through your fingers?
Ever write something months or years ago, know you wrote it, and struggle to remember which account and computer you used back then?

All the *amn time.
I've got stuff I had on wdc years ago on my computer still. Things I wrote on paper and never typed up and even things that are in the old Microsoft word format that won't open anymore and I've no idea how to. Strangely, I've got things I can't remember writing, never mind what I wrote it on.

Many more in the future. Have a great day.

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*BalloonB* *Quill* *BalloonG* Happy Birthday, Dawn Embers! *BalloonG* *Quill* *BalloonB*
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Thank you!

Hope your day is awesome!!!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

Thank you!
I was almost late for a very important date but thank goodness I got a reminder that You are having a birthday Dawn.happy birthday and have a specially nice day filled with love. and new adventures even if it's just discovering a gnome at the bottom of the garden or a new way to do your hair,
Keep safe and enjoy your day.
Alexi *Heart*
Thank you! *Smile*
Hard to believe I've been a member of this site for 15 years now. Still writing and still dreaming even after all of these years. Much has changed, a little has stayed the same and there is more to come. Looking forward to the next 15 years of writing. *Penguin*
Dear it's great members like you that help make our site so great. Thank you for being here.
I am glad you are still around. I still feel like a newbie. Did you write something wonderful to mark the occasion?
Happy 15th Writing.com Anniversary!!

May you have at least fifteen more!

Have a fabulous day!

Thank you!
*CupcakeV* Cupcake Wars! *CupcakeV*

I posted on facebook and instagram so I'll add one here too. While I usually work, I have a few weekends off this month as coworker is trying something different so is taking the weekend shifts. After enough episodes of cupcake wars and cake challenges, I decided to do my own. For May let's do a quarantine cupcakes wars. You can do one cupcake or all four. First one is always just the taste with the other three having a presentation factor if you haven't seen the show.

Theme: take-out leftovers and/or colors(without food dye or fake coloring)

My round one cupcake is a rice cupcake that included lemon and ginger with a wasabi avocado buttercream inspired from leftover wasabi from an ubereats delivery. Color is green (lemon with avocado keeps it green). Will post pictures in the future. Whoever wants to join in this month long baking challenge can on here, facebook and IG.

Let's bake!