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Hello all, first and foremost...
I want to thank you, for stopping in.
Also to the person who upgraded my membership. Thank you! I will try to add more brain vomits when I can. I will also see about looking into some reviews. Once again, Thank you.
Wow good for you. Eleven years
Happy anniversary
see above.

Happy 11th!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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poem of life, and what one should do
Well the good news is, I believe we are finally finishing up doing the maple syrup. I hate to brag, but damn that stuff is good. ha ha
It has a nice dark color, and a rich maple taste as well as a little hint of smoke. Might not sound that good, but it is incredible. the total of syrup that we have made is around 8 gallons total. I am going to be doing this next year, with out a doubt in my mind. I
Well these last few weeks have been a huge learning curve. We are making maple syrup for the first time. We built an evaporator, that is a pan that allows the sap to evaporate down to the maple syrup stage. We also had build a warming pan. That is a pan that holds the sap and warms it before it goes into the evaporator. We learned that maple trees that are on ledges do not produce as much sap as other trees. it appears that the sugar content is higher in those trees for some reason.
As of now, we have about 5 gallons of maple syrup. That is about 200 gallons of sap.
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 Maine state lock down  (E)
Slight description of daily farming.
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