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Something magical happened to me today. I was having some troubles at home so I got on my bike and went for a ride. I had no idea where I was going, I just knew I needed to get out. I ended up going to a beautiful frisbee golf park near my house because it has a magnificent little pond tucked away in the back corner. I was very depressed and in a bad state of mind and I just let myself collapse in a little patch of clover and I thought to myself “If only I could find a four leaf clover, maybe everything would be okay”. (I know that’s irrational and stupid but I was desperate for any sign that things could get better) I started just picking the tops off of clover and tossing them into the pond so you could see them floating peacefully on the surface. I’d picked and tossed around twelve when I noticed that the one I’d just been about to throw was odd. I stopped myself and looked at it and my breath caught. It had four leaves. I flipped it around in my palm, thinking I had seen it wrong, that it was just a regular clover and I had just wanted it to be special. It was real though. My whole life, every time I found myself in a clover patch I searched and searched for a four leaf clover but never until I essentially begged the universe for a touch of magic... and I got it. The one time I’d given up looking, and I found exactly what I’d needed at the moment. How special is that?
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