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*BalloonP* Hapy Anniversary *BalloonP*
So... I logged into NaNo as I plan to participate this year after a long break.
I saw I had an entry for 2013 with 18k words. I vaguely remember this and after reading my synopses, I'm here like... where did I save this to!?!? It's not saved on WDC or Google Drive. I've had 2 new computers since then so now I get to go HDD hunting because I want to see where I am and finish it!
Happy hunting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to find it *Smile*
*CakeP* Happy Birthday *CakeP*
*BurstP* Happy Anniversary *BurstP*
Happy Birthday.
Happy Anniversary
I forgot about my membership expiration and now I think I've lost some items *Sob*
*Cake2* Happy Birthday *Cake2*
*BurstP* Happy Anniversary *BurstP*

New Year, new me. Hopefully.

Since I am still in a writer's rut I am going to be focusing on a 100 book reading challenge and I am looking for recommendations from my friends here. Bonus if it's part of Kindle Unlimited as I have limited book buying funds .

To kick start my writing habit, I will be reviewing each book read on my blog here and externally. So if you're published, use me.
Just spent an hour attempting to clean up my mailbox... I don't think I've made a dent!!! *Laugh*

What happens when you're MIA a few months
That was a close one! Upgraded my account just in time. A busy summer can make you lose track
*CakeP* Happy Birthday *CakeP*
Has it been 8 years already? Sometimes it doesn't feel like I've been a member that long