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Finally got a job this week. That's good, because I was letting myself become a little melancholy. But now I can get out of the house and, more importantly to me, enjoy my off time by writing without worrying as much about money.
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Good Luck as you settle in!

Crashed my mom's car this week. No one was injured, and I barely scratched the car I hit, but our car had to be repaired. . .
Not much else to say right now. It's seven in the morning, and I'm going back to sleep. Or maybe . . . I'll write instead. I have some ideas in my head.
Two-thousand page books don't edit themselves. . . so, yea, I I have a lot work ahead of me.
Guess that's why I'm reluctant to write; between the car and the amount of work before me, not to mention my need to get a job ASAP . . . Okay, that enough. I babble too much. Back to the job search
Been a LAZY writing week. Ironic, considering how pumped I was, and am, that I have a new outlet for my writing.

That said, I did get a bunch of job applications out. I suppose, like most of us- whether want-a-be professional authors like myself or artists by hobby- that I need money to make anything happen. . . sigh, I hate the real world.

Not really, I love life, and people, and I deeply respect those with jobs and those with children alike.

Whatever, my rambling is getting the best of me. Guess the best thing to do now would be to put more applications in.
Darn, and I was looking forward to entering a writing contest; guess that will come when I have time.
Anyway, whether the world likes it or not, you haven't seen the last of me! Enjoy your week!
Ah! Writing vs the real world. We all know which one wins.

If it's any consolation, writing for a living becomes a drag in a hurry. Writing fiction for a living might be different... but nonfiction is just mind-numbing after a while.
Been pressured by parents to look for job, been doing so . . .
Been playing video games to relax.

But back to the writing world, if momentarily. Anyhow, either today or tomorrow I hope to really look around this site, make some acquaintances, etc..

Need to see more and learn more before I go back to editing and finishing my book.
Good luck job hunting...

Have fun exploring WDC, this is an awesome site!! *Smile*
Hello, trying to figure out website. . .
I wanted to say a quick thing about myself though.
I accept all criticism. My book is controversal; how could I not?
That said, let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan George Weldon, and I live in Delaware, U.S.A. I enjoy all arts, and as I suffer from both Aspergers and Schizo-effective disorders, I repect folk from all walks of life, and I don't blame anyone for hatred, nor do I respect those who love and care. We are who we are, and we should encourage each other to be the best we can be.
That said, I'm basically a lunatic. Ha Ha Ha.
My book is mostly rated eighteen-plus due to sacreligious naturism, proposterously bombastic launguage, though not neccisarily foul, for the most part, and drug use. I am religous though.
Phew, I dare believe I've chattered a tad to much . . .
More on me later; and more writing soon. Hopefully I can get my whole book on here! Once I get membership I think . . . So, so ya!
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