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Does anyone ever give below a rating of three?
I rarely review anything I would give less than three stars.
Only the bigots have given me a '1' when they've disagreed with my LGBT writings. Yes, that does ruin the average so I quit allowing ratings on all my items.
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. It is about crossing the Rio Grande to visit a small Mexican village.
Good morning all! I hope this post finds you all in good spirits. I've gotten quite a bit written this morning, but now I'm getting hungry. I just don't know what I want. Any suggestions?
Well, if readers digest what writers cook up, I'd say a nice light bowl of sonnet soup, followed by some Phillip of Soul, a hearty tossed ballad to go with a clubbed sandwich. Washed down nicely with a post of Port.
If still hungy, a spot of short story cake.
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Hi Melissa! Welcome to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group This was the first group I joined after becoming a member. We're all very supportive and friendly. *Smile*

~Captain Nixie
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. I've made just a few cosmetic changes. If I haven't met you yet (that's your cue Michael), hop over and meet me. I'll do the same for you.*FlipFlops4*
Good night dear writers. I hope this finds everyone in good spirits as we end another day. I did not review as many blogs as I wanted to. As Scarlet said, "Tomorrow is another day." It will be closer to noon tomorrow before I am able to check back in as I have to take my youngest to the airport in the morning.
"Invalid Item Are you looking for a good book to read? Try Dance Sisters by Alan Clay. The link is for a review that I wrote.*Bookopen*
Good morning from Middle Tennessee. I have been up since five and now getting ready for a day full of writing. What are your plans?
Hello writers...I've blogged and written reviews on a handful of blogs. My neck is aching and I need to go eat lunch. I'll check back in later.*Delight*
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My neck is beginning to ache from sitting at the computer for so long. It is time for me to go take a soak in the tub and get into bed and read. I've got five books to finish by the end of June!*Wink*
Where can I get a list of names for characters?