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Current word count: 44114... minus about 45 words for chapter numbers and line breaks... so more like 44099. So I have to write approximately 5900 more words before the end of the month. Good news though, I'll be writing the first real battle scene this week. I'm looking forward to it. I know the result but haven't quite figured out the details yet. Should be fun.
Just finished my latest novel entry. Finally got around to introducing my main character! And it only took me a 102 pages to do it... :/ Well, I guess I'll have to fix that in the 2nd draft. The scene was interesting because I wasn't quite sure what to expect out of him, now I do. I wanted him to be good natured and pure of heart without coming across as flat or boring. Still a ways to go but now that he's made it onto the pages I have a real chance at writing this thing.
Not sure who's following (seeing as I've been pretty quiet on here the past few months) but I'm progressing on my path toward writing the elusive epic fantasy novel. Tomorrow I intend to start work on chapter 25 (just shy of 28000 words). The story is rough around the edges but I'm getting a feel for its characters. I think it has real potential but I've got to stay motivated and keep writing. Wonder what'll happen next. I don't outline so sometimes what I write surprises me. Wish me luck.
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Good luck! And get cracking.
Almost at the one month mark and I'm meeting my expectations. Over 12,500 words written. Which means I'm over 1/4 of the way done, a few days a head of schedule too. I plan for the story to be much longer than 50,000 words, but one step at a time.
I'm beginning a writing regiment starting tomorrow, following the method prescribed in Brandon Sanderson's online lecture series. This means I have 4 months to write 50,000 words or (broken down by month) 12,500 words a month for the next 4 months. Wish me luck, support will be needed. I will be posting my progress to show if I stay on track or if I fall off the wagon. Hoping the start of 2013 will be the start of many great things, including one of many, as of yet, unwritten books.

Finished my first week at the new job. Looking forward to that first paycheck.
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What's the job?
Day 3 at the new job. I Don't have any id badges yet and the online orientation isn't until the 31st, so not sure if I can consider myself a true employee just yet. Step in the right direction though. Good to be working again.
The content rating on my article Writing and Editing Advice was changed to 13 plus for using the word caffeine. Seems silly, considering I was quoting the expanded rule of 'I before E' from an associate editor at Merriam-Webster. Perhaps I'll try to fight the system and rationalize my way out of a 13 plus rating. For now, I've decided to make light of it. The article now begins: "The following article is rating PG-13... for caffeine, apparently. Parental guidance is advised."
sorry to here that. Seems to be no rhyme or reason as for as how rules are inforced
Because caffeine is a gateway drug Platnumb. Next time you see a child try to buy a coke don't let them. There's caffeine listed in the ingredients. See a bottle of caffeine free soda, cover their eyes! Yes it's caffeine free, but it says caffeine in big bold letters! Don't let them see it! The word burns!
The article is now rated ASR since it's been decided caffeine is not extreme. A step in the right direction, but does caffeine really need adult supervision?
The client the staffing agency sent me to decided they wanted to pick up my contract, so I have to wait until all the paperwork is finished. So I took the required drug test yesterday and it came up as inconclusive. *Shock* Short story, I was under the weather and drank lots of fluids to get better. Too much fluids = too much water in my system = inconclusive test. So now I have to wait until 12pm to take the test again...
A drag indeed but I am sure you have nothing to worry about. By the way congratulations
Thanks Arpod,

But I still have other issues I have to work around. Most of my previous work places payed used standard checks, not paystubs, so I'll probably have to copies of the checks somehow. And one of those places changed their # since I worked there, so that's a problem too. Then I have a place that paid me in cash... how do you prove work employment in that situation?
Missing the word "get" from "...so I'll probably have to [get] copies of the checks somehow. This is turning out to be more of a pain than I had anticipated.
Congrats on turning yellow!
*Sun**Delight**BalloonY*I am so thrilled for you! You so deserve your Yellow outfit! Keep shining in your unique way!! *Star*
Seeing how Bringer of Light is the translation of your middle name, Yellow fits you to a T!! *Smile*
Congratulations on your promotion! *Cool*
Thanks Sonali. I'll have to expand my port so I can keep that suitcase.
Oh, you look so good in sunny yellow! Congrats!*Smile*
I prefer green, but I suppose yellow will have to do. Thanks Inker.
Wow! Is it bright in here, or is that just the color of your suitcase? Now it matches that rock in your bio picture!


Thanks Angus. It's actually an energy orb, not a rock, but appreciated nonetheless. Looks like the picture is broken though. Guess I'll have to reupload it again.
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