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I've been writing a lot more lately! And I'm really happy about how things have been going.
Whipped  (18+)
A woman's experience on the internet.
#2238413 by Rakkit
won first place in Dirty Poetry,
It Stares Back  (18+)
The beginning, the end. Something exists in the depths of the black hole.
#2238291 by Rakkit
won first place in Show, Don't Tell, and
Cast the Shadows  (18+)
There’s a thin barrier protecting us from the world of the Other. Something escaped.
#2235976 by Rakkit
won third place in Short Shots. I've been doing edits today and changing a few things up. My goal this month is to write two poems and one story. We'll see if I meet these goals!
I've been busy today! New poem:
Whipped  (18+)
A woman's experience on the internet.
#2238413 by Rakkit
and I wrote some on my blog/personal pieces.
Finitely Infinite  (18+)
Epiphanies and Pokemon evolution...no wait. Wrong show. Love is not finite.
#2238414 by Rakkit
. Having a great writing week!
New story! Accidentally added it's cover photo to my other story (whoops), but I'm going to leave it that way so that the judges in the contest know I didn't mean to edit the story during the time they are judging. I just clicked the wrong story!

Anyways, please enjoy:

It Stares Back  (18+)
The beginning, the end. Something exists in the depths of the black hole.
#2238291 by Rakkit

Welcome back and good luck in the contest! I get your idea about not changing the picture now. Smart. *Wink*
Added a new personal piece to my folder! Check out the second "blog" as I work through emotions and navigate changing lifestyles and relationships.
Meeting the Beast  (18+)
An introduction to the protagonist of her own story.
#2237823 by Rakkit
I'm absolutely flabbergasted. Thank you whoever gifted me two months of upgraded membership! I can add some of the extra pieces I wanted to but couldn't fit in my portfolio! You are awesome! And so is everyone on WDC!
Congratulations on the Upgraded membership and welcome back! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
That’s awesome!
A bit nervous. I no longer have an upgraded membership, so I started my "blog" as a folder in my portfolio. I've added my first entry. I'm interested to see what people will think of it, or if anyone would be interested in more. I always get nervous when sharing personal stuff like this.

Check out my first personal piece,
A World Outside the Picture  (18+)
When you're made of all angles, unable to fit a perfect picture the world's given you
#2237337 by Rakkit
Check out my new story Cast the Shadows!
Hi Rakkit I will be heading over to read your story later tonight.

Did you know that if you posted your message like this {item:2235976} it would create a clickable link like this "Cast the Shadows directly to our story?
It's been two years, give or take, since I've tried to maintain an active presence here on WDC. I took a step back to focus on my health and family. I'll probably touch on these things in one manner or another in blogs or notes.

In those two years, I have changed a lot, and a lot has changed. The two sound the same, but are more codependent of one another. I can't honestly say my life has calmed down. It hasn't. My husband and I are in the midst of another major change in our lives with career changes and planning a new path for our future.

But, as my health--and mental health--improves, I have been more actively writing. I wanted to see if I could become active in the WDC community. I try not to think about the years lost where I barely wrote anything. Nothing but looking ahead and moving forward!

So, new name--though I doubt anyone would remember me from my old handle anyhow. Let's see how well I can keep up with my profile and submitting writing. I'm excited to enter some contests and trying my hand at some prompts. These writing muscles could use some stretching!
*BalloonV**ConfettiO**BalloonB**ConfettiY**BalloonG* *ConfettiG**BalloonY**ConfettiB**BalloonO**ConfettiV**BalloonR**ConfettiP*  Welcome Back!  *ConfettiP**BalloonR**ConfettiV**BalloonO**ConfettiB**BalloonY**ConfettiG**BalloonG**ConfettiY**BalloonB**ConfettiO**BalloonV*

We must have crossed paths here sometime ago, because you're in my favorites *Laugh* I was also away for too long before returning a few months ago. I'm still getting back in the swing of things, but am glad to be here again.

So from one recent returnee to another, it's good to see you again!
Welcome back! We can't wait to see what you'll write.

Queen NormaJean
*Confettir* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 10TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, CORRINE! *Cake* *Confettip* *Confettiv*
As many of you know (if you catch my various whinings on/off blog and such), I have been rather ill for the last several months. Persistent nausea/abdominal pain and other symptoms that caused a slew of problems, including quality of life issues (it came to the point that I wasn't tolerating most foods and was on an almost all liquid diet). I dreaded trying to eat, and I was chronically fatigued among other things. They tried medications, tests...finally the docs decided I likely had a malfunctioning gallbladder that was causing spasmodic bile release and everything else was resulting from malnutrition (a dietitian with malnutrition....ah! the irony!). SO! I have had a cholecystectomy to remove the little troublesome booger...and the change has been nearly immediate! The very NIGHT I came home from surgery, I had a chicken taco (my specialty--something actually pretty healthy and low in fat and very tasty...but I've not been able to tolerate for almost a YEAR) and I DID NOT THROW IT UP! For the past two days, I have been eating, and honestly the post surgery pain has been *nothing* compared to the damnable issues that had been plaguing me for sooooo long. (Imagine YEARS....it just got to the point of intolerance in the last six months or so...). Honestly, it really is hard to describe the unadulterated happiness I felt when I was able to eat something so simple as brie cheese and crackers and not feel like it was ripping its way through my innards. Simple pleasures for simple minds, I suppose.

Anyhoo, I have been on and off this website for a while...I would get on when I felt 'better' and then off when I got overwhelmed and sick again. Thank you to all who were patient with me. I am going through my emails now...I hope it isn't too late to finish Rising Stars! This last month has been the worst, which is why I pushed my surgery forward so quickly.

Sorry for the book, and the TMI, but I'm just a bit ecstatic that the prospect that at least one of my medical issues has been fixed! (They told me to not get my hopes too high, that there are likely other issues involved...but ya know...for now I'll just take it!)
That's so awesome! So glad they were able to help you!
*Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 9TH WdC ANNIVERSARY, CORRINE! *Cake* *Confettip*