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Here's to 6 amazing years here @ WdC

and to many many more!
HBD Cupcakes

Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

Happy birthday. And as for the peel and stick stuff have you tried good old fashioned steam? I don't know if fingernail polish remover would make it worse or get it off.
I haven't tried those methods. I ended up getting it off with a cake server. I just nudged it as slowly as possible until it peeled up. I did a little damage to the table learning the right touch, but it's minimal. Thank you for the birthday wish and the suggestion. *Smile*
Anyone know how to get peel and stick fingernail art off of a dining room table? The stuff is bullet proof, and I've already nicked the finish on the table trying to scrape it off.
I got most of it. This nearly rivaled any horror ever written.
Have you tried Goo Gone? My wife swears by it!
Goo gone got silly putty out of my carpet once, but I wouldn't dare put it on top off the good table. It's kind of strong. I took a metal cake server and put it right on the edge of the decal, then I wiggled it back and forth real gently until it worked the thing off the table. I need to fix a nick or two, but those were caused by other less successful methods.
just a friendly reminder that you are a ray of sunshine, hope you have a lovely day💞
So my wife called me at work today and offered to bring me lunch. I declined. I was in the middle of something that had to be done ASAP and my schedule could not accommodate her.

After the job was done I decided to tease her a little bit and sent her a text.

Unbeknownst to me, I sent it not only to my wife but to the Parks and Recreation Director as well.

This was the text I sent:

Sorry about lunch. I was in the middle of fixing a pump that had to be done by the end of the day.

I had no wiggle room in my schedule.

We can do some sexting if you want. :p

He responded:

Don’t know what you’re talking about. Sounds bad.
Happy New Year, friends. Be safe. *Smile*
Merry Christmas, my friends.
One of the kids didn't close the fridge all the way last night. Now I have to eat a little of everything and see if it makes me sick. *Laugh* No really.*Sad*
I just received notification that I fanned myself.

I do not recall doing that.
What if I'm like that guy in fight club? What if I do all kinds of stuff I don't remember? Maybe I'm in 'Write Club.'
I'm Tyler Durden.
Oh wow. Compliment and complement are two different words. Steve is now smarter.

Thank you Microsoft Word and your little blue, squiggly line.

Yup. *Delight* So are advice and advise which is another one that seems to be muddled up a lot. And loose and lose.