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I finally have time to write. And I procrastinate.
Some I interview...Had these dreams and visions, and well, me being an Aries myself, I am quick to do things, and think about them later. Hence, my posting this here, before I smear it on social media, and you know, scare people, be making them think.
Any and all thoughts are welcome.

Research: diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications, etc.

With Rumors everywhere, and people coming out, on video, many in fear of there own lives. Friends, family concerned, and documentaries made on the very subject. Of demonic possession. What are the odds, that the “Holy Ghost” can possess people also, and you know. Do stuff.

Of course, providing, we don’t blow its head off, again.

03:00 PM EST
Need a good read?
For business minded folk.
As well as those who want a better future, and don't know where to start.
Zero to One ~ Peter Thiel

Subconscious plug in here for Mom and Pop (he he).

Peter will see it, when I finish this book, and give him feed back! *Heart*
(not sure which image I want to send either, but you get the idea)
No one is Ready for what is coming.
Hello everyone,

16 steps forcing transcending

"The higher your calling, the harder your journey is"~ Hardest thing I have ever experienced.

And I could use some help, from people who don't think I am the Devil, or others, who seek to Destroy Light.

Write On! *Heart*
Artist depiction: Donald Trump Joining ANY war, on the front lines.
Leader of the U.S.A.
Fighting WITH his Troops!
Sempa Fi!
! *Heart*
Hello everyone,
I wanted to share something. In one way, it is personal. On the flip side, I learned most of what I know now through interpretation. I learned how to interpret much of it here, however, to my point. I came here to write, and back then. It made little to no sense to me.

I now have names for some and words for others. One night, in February of 2014, I came here. I had to let words out, and did not know where I could go, without someone sending me away in a rubber room.
If they try now, I'll give them one hell of a fight, before they fail.

This is from a discussion, it's unedited, and between a friend and I. It also outlines, the first five days, of my membership here. For those who do not know, I wrote for five days, without stopping. no food, drinks, I even stopped smoking. Everything slowed me down.
Anyway, Enjoy.

I have documented on writingDOTcom.
MY experiences. I still don't know what
many are called.

Apparently, I did this first (again, well documented):
Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a technique lots of clairvoyants use to pass info in the spiritual world through their subconscious mind and onto paper. The theory with automatic writing is that the psychics hand is essentially controlled by outside intelligence.
I must toss in, though I documented everything.
I did so, in the form of "bread crumbs"
You may have heard me reference them in the past.
Recent past*
;)~ ❤️
Saturday Morning Inspiration For Writing.
For Me! *Heart*
Cisco Security Alert:
A new ransomware variant is surging. Get the facts about #Nyetya: http://cs.co/60198ojax
I wanted to share some intellectual humor, from another group:
That is not a typo. It has more than one meaning. When the populous all speak the same. I will address them as such. Not in dresses either.

As for speak the same. How about 'Cease Fire' ... Seems "Universal" enough to me.
You know you are doing something correctly, when in terms of positive affirmations. You weed out fact, from fiction. Then, you see a short while later, a member of Congress, recently began to follow your Creation. As though on cue, with absolute timing. It is humbling, and at the same time reminded you, what gifts we are given, can easily be taken away. I share this with all at WDC. For it may be nothing, or it may be more than nothing. Whatever it is, started here, with My Family. *Heart*
I never know how these will display here. Every site is different. Should I vanish in the flow of time. I just wanted to say thank you. I enjoyed learning here.
If anyone who see's this, doesn't at least read the campaign. You shouldn't wonder what is wrong with the world. Thank you WDC and Friends, the last three years, in one word. Magical.


Just Now
Thank you, You are Awesome! I love you.
Just Now
Thank you, You are Awesome! I love you.
I've added a new entry to my book, "My Jarg ::WARNING MAY AFFECT YOU:::
         "Stage Two

They divided us, Now to see how many categories....We are dealing with.

Do to lack of time, or perception of dictated to and enforced upon us. I have only made one offer here, in the last year of three plus total.

I'm drowning in a manner of speaking, and must focus on myself for awhile.
I'm covering all bases, so when random people start asking for my service out of the blue. I won't feel bad. Any who did see my offer, and didn't jump on it. Must be skeptics or Sheeple.
Thank you.