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Wish me luck! I'm going to do a tryout for something at my school, it's a pretty big deal here. If by some miracle I get in, I'll be honoured ^^ I'm going to need some luck today.
My best friend made me an absolutely amazing pride month icon of one of my characters *Heart* I'm in love.
May the 4th be with you, everyone! Lol, my dad will probably come over with a pile of star wars movies. That's my day.
Heyy there! It's been awhile since I made something, but this is a poem entry for the adaptive writers contest!

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You should all check out the contest, it's so fun!

Adaptive Writers Contest   (ASR)
This contest intends to challenge writers to write outside of their comfort zone
It's one of those days.
I'm stressed, a mess, but dang... I'm still well-dressed!
Who can relate? xD

Time to try to get some writing out!
That is one of my friend's favorite life mottos. XD
Doing the walk out at school. Respect the kids that died, they shouldn't have.

If you're doing the walk out, feel proud *Heart*
Here in Parkland at Stoneman Douglas H.S. this morning.
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I respect every kid that walked out today - good on you! *Heart*
one of my daughters lives in Hawaii, they had three murder threats in one week, one was a bomb threat.
For goodness sake, don't tell the government about the peanuts and dynamite thing. The government will try to take away the peanut butter, like they're trying to ban guns. *Rolling*
just in case you have forgotten today; you matter. you are loved. you are worthy *Heart*
Hey all!I haven't gotten around to writing anything due to school, homework, and just my procrastination, lol. But I'm planning on getting a chapter or entering a contest over the weekend, anyone have any Contests I could look into?
Check out that "What a Character" contest on The Hub page! It sounds like a hoot! There's also the BLINK contest. It was on The Hub a bit ago as well, but I'm not sure if it still is.
I got a surprising amount of support and love for a story idea I came up with, not only from here but from other websites and people in real life as well. I spent some time setting out a plot and I'm very pleased, perhaps this could be a new upcoming book I'll be writing!

Curious? Here's a preview!
 Preview  (ASR)
Preview of a story I'm writing. More of a short Prologue, really.
Where would we be without coffee.