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 Plot Background  (E)
How it came to be.
How many of you have taken today as a day of refection? Today is not a day of rekindling the bigotry for those who did the damage, but a day of remembering those who were lost. Today is not a day for relighting the fight against those who dealt the deadly blow. There are many countries who are in the mist of civil wars. When we are faced with another loss of life we must think about how is the best way to honor the ones who were lost and not allow ourselves to be dragged into the mindset of the ones who committed the killing. We must also protect ourselves but not at the cost of our own given freedoms. When we give up a freedom just to feel more protected we can never get it back. I cannot stress it enough today is a day for reflection not a day to relight that candle that was conceived in hate and covered in the blood of the fallen.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/freyamatters