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SUP guys! Get to see my brother that I never ever see! In fact he is right here. Anyways plz go in my folder My Favorite Stories and go to my Friendly Forum!
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 My Favorite Stories  (E)
Stories that I loved and I hope you'll read!
I've added a new item to my portfolio: a MLP poll! Please do it.
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Welcome to Writing.com! I hope you're enjoying it here.

I bought you a 'sword' at the "Invalid Item. It's basically a raffle ticket, and you don't have to do anything - if you win a prize, you'll get an email to let you know. *Smile*

Meanwhile, keep writing and reviewing and I look forward to seeing you around the site!
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OK thanks!
Please! I need writing prompts!!!
Well there's a prompt thing on here. And I have a contest that needs entries. :)
There's also lots of contests which have prompts you could use and enter the contests. It's what I do.
Still working on a book, and I'm bored, so I'm randomly writing this stupid thing about me.

1. How do I feel about cheese? Yes, I feel cheese is good.

2. How is Monster High, MLP and Minecraft? Well...I should mention still #1 fan!

3. Who is a good friend to you? Rebecca~PrepMo is so cool!

My life is great! Also, I feel in the mood for cheese. No, wait... an icy cold coke!

Coca-cola is a GOD to me. Literally! Whenever I drink a lot of my coke, it always seems to refill magically.

Perhaps I have some secret connection with the god of coca cola! SQEEEEEEE! I nean I hdon't get coke that often so I need to cherish every moment I do get it. Ok, that's it. i'm probably being all weird just blabbering about random things, so...
No problem. You are a really awesome person. And when I get older perhaps I'll go to Britain too.
Really?! Like to visit or live there?
Probably live there, because I can do a great British accent, plus British has all the cool stuff. So...live there!
I've added a new item to my portfolio: About Me! Four little blips out of the life of a goofball. No, I am not addressing Spongebob when I say goofball.
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Please read, it's hilarious. Also, please please read it, ElfinDragon, because you gave me this idea.
read and reviewed. *Smile*_
Oh no, people I need help. I need some hilarious writing prompts for a comedy. Can you help me?
How about dancing & singing cartoon pirate pigs. Had them in one of my dreams once. Great musical number.
Oh my gosh, that's a great idea! I will do that, thanks ElfinDragon.
I'm glad my weird dreams are an inspiration for you. *Smile*
ElfinDragon just gave me a great writng prompt. I'm gonna go try it out but not before I share who I just met. I just met author Johnathan Rand, he writes the Michigan and American chillers books. He signed my copy of Poltergeists in Petoskey, the third book. Oh, and the hot dogs were great.
Yeah, also its pretty sunny today.
I'm from Michigan too. But I live in Tennessee now because we had to.
Yeah, I like Michigan, I hope I never have to move.
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Just so u know, that comedy I'm writing is going to be hilarious! But for the prompts...you can give me anything. It can be animals, nature, people, you can give me an OC from MLP or Monster High or something like that, or you can even have me write a fanfiction. The prompt is totally up to you just as long as it's comedy.
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