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SUP guys! Get to see my brother that I never ever see! In fact he is right here. Anyways plz go in my folder My Favorite Stories and go to my Friendly Forum!
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Stories that I loved and I hope you'll read!
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Welcome to Writing.com! I hope you're enjoying it here.

I bought you a 'sword' at the "Invalid Item. It's basically a raffle ticket, and you don't have to do anything - if you win a prize, you'll get an email to let you know. *Smile*

Meanwhile, keep writing and reviewing and I look forward to seeing you around the site!
OK thanks!
Please! I need writing prompts!!!
Well there's a prompt thing on here. And I have a contest that needs entries. :)
There's also lots of contests which have prompts you could use and enter the contests. It's what I do.
Still working on a book, and I'm bored, so I'm randomly writing this stupid thing about me.

1. How do I feel about cheese? Yes, I feel cheese is good.

2. How is Monster High, MLP and Minecraft? Well...I should mention still #1 fan!

3. Who is a good friend to you? Rebecca~PrepMo is so cool!

My life is great! Also, I feel in the mood for cheese. No, wait... an icy cold coke!

Coca-cola is a GOD to me. Literally! Whenever I drink a lot of my coke, it always seems to refill magically.

Perhaps I have some secret connection with the god of coca cola! SQEEEEEEE! I nean I hdon't get coke that often so I need to cherish every moment I do get it. Ok, that's it. i'm probably being all weird just blabbering about random things, so...
No problem. You are a really awesome person. And when I get older perhaps I'll go to Britain too.
Really?! Like to visit or live there?
Probably live there, because I can do a great British accent, plus British has all the cool stuff. So...live there!
I've added a new item to my portfolio: About Me! Four little blips out of the life of a goofball. No, I am not addressing Spongebob when I say goofball.
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Please read, it's hilarious. Also, please please read it, ElfinDragon, because you gave me this idea.
read and reviewed. *Smile*_
Oh no, people I need help. I need some hilarious writing prompts for a comedy. Can you help me?
How about dancing & singing cartoon pirate pigs. Had them in one of my dreams once. Great musical number.
Oh my gosh, that's a great idea! I will do that, thanks ElfinDragon.
I'm glad my weird dreams are an inspiration for you. *Smile*