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Ever written a sestina? A double sestina? How about a twin sestina? (a twin is instead of just the 6 end-words, you also have 6 mid-words all of which revolve in a set pattern.) The final tercet has all 12 words in 3 lines.

39 lines just took me about 5 hours to write! I am really happy with it because I was able to layer in multiple meanings of the words I chose as well as a running thread metaphor. Brain is pretty much fried, but I am excited!

If anyone should like to read it and even write a short review, I promise to reward same handsomely!
Old Seeds  (E)
A beautiful garden requires many things
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Brave you! *Heart*
I wrote them in dinosaur time when we were doing the SLAM. I said never again! *Rolling*
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Happy Birthday Fyn !!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. If you write something wonderful it can top off the special day!
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Happy Birthday!
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Just dropped in to wish you a Happy Birthday!

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Did you do the April Poetry Month -a poem a day?

I'd like to feature poets who did in my newsletter next week.

Pick your favorite poem you wrote during April

and EMAIL me the link to your poem!


I'll use it in my editor's picks!!!
After several years of next to no writing -

I did the April NaPoWriMo. Not only did I write the 30 I needed to,

I wrote a total of 59 poems this month.

Plus several short stories and other things (like newsletters) Proud of myself!
Having a feast after a famine! Keep going, Fyn, now that you got your feet good soaking! Happy for your accomplishment. I got to get busy myself as the year is almost half-way gone. You’re an inspiration.
So -have you ever written something that makes you sit back afterward and feel so excited, so well, almost giddy? I'd been dealing with a situation of late, thinking a lot about it and was edging on coming up with what I truly needed to do. Was not happy about it, but. Right thing and all that even if I wasn't 100% giving up. Still had steps away to take. Didn't realize that I had come to the conclusion until my muse sat me down and said, "Here. Now. You type; I'll dictate."

So I did and surprised myself, I guess. Just really happy with the first poem I wrote this morning.

Might you take a peek? I know, I know, it is a little on the long side ... but....

Empty Seas  (E)
Sometimes, you have to walk away. 4-14-2021
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