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Welcome Little bunny teen. So glad you joined WDC. You will soon get to know others your age and ahem some older ones. *Smile*
*Mushroomr* *Poseyo* *Dog2* *Heart*
Hi everybody! I just posted my first item, I'd really appreciate it if you read it and gave me a review! Look for The Listener under my name. Thanks! P.S The weird "a" things in my story are supposed to be quotation marks!
Well done for posting your first story! I sent you a short review. *Smile*
Ha! Thank you, Kate! I definitely am feeling better about sharing my writing. In response to you, Robyn, Thank you for the warm welcome and I hope to see you in the community! I totally get what your saying, the Warm Fuzzy! When I adopted from a shelter, my cat wouldn't meow at all, just a weird kind of squeak! Plus, he wet nuts when he "discovered" cat treats! He is adorable, and I am proud to say he has a better meow now!
Hi, I'm new to writing.com... I really like it so far! I must say though, I am a little bit worried about so many people potentially reading my writing, so any kind of support is greatly appreciated! Some facts about myself are that I own two cats and one dog, and am a major animal person (besides snakes, rodents, and most birds... actually I only like furry mammals, so maybe I'm not an animal person...:)). I'm also kind of young, (a teen) which partly explains why I'm self conscious about my writing. I don't want to bore you, so, Have a great night, and I hope to "see" you in the community!
Welcome to WDC! We don't bite, I promise. :)
Welcome to WdC!
Your welcome package includes: cookies *Cookie* and a visit from Bob the Warm Fuzzy Warm Fuzzy Small
I also love cats. Just adopted a stray. He's twitchy, weird, and adorable.
Thank you so much, Tiggy! I really appreciate what you said. I write both poetry and stories but I think I prefer writing stories... I'll definitely post both at some point though! Thanks again for the kind note!
Hi littlebunny1234,

welcome to Writing.Com! I hope you have a fantastic time here. *Smile*

Don't be afraid to post your writing. This is a very helpful community and we all try to be supportive and encouraging. Do you write stories or poems? Or both? *Bigsmile*

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

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