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Checking In:

Dear friends, Last week, I had a nasty fall that resulted
in a couple of trips to the hospital. My lower back and legs
are not functioning the way they should. During the next
two weeks, I'll be seeing doctors and taking tests.
I expect I'll be gone for a while. I'll check in when I can. In the meantime, I hope you're well and looking forward to
a beautiful fall season. Warmest best, Gab *Heart*
So sorry to hear that Gabrielle, wishing you heal quickly and feel better soon.
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So sorry to hear this Gabriella. Get well wishes are sent your way.
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I hope you're on the mend soon, and pain-free in the meantime! *Heart*
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*Music2*GOOD FOR A BELLY LAUGH.........

Look for: You Tube, A Very Stable Genius-Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Gilbert & Sullivan must be rolling over in their graves *Laugh**Laugh*

Why you little closet liberal, you ... 😂 🤣 Too darn funny!
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The Swedish Academy Canceled its plan to give the Nobel Prize for Literature this year. What has happened ?

The 2018 Nobel prize for literature was canceled in May, following allegations of sexual assault filed against Jean-Claude Arnault, husband of Katarina Frostenson. Frostenson is an author and a member of the Swedish Academy, the prize’s secretive jury.

More than 100 Swedish writers, actors, journalists and other cultural figures have formed the New Academy, which will hand out its own award this autumn, following the same timeline as the Nobel.

The New Academy is inviting Sweden’s librarians to nominate authors. Contenders can come from anywhere in the world, and must have written at least two books, one of which was published in the last 10 years.

Once nominations have been received, the New Academy will launch a public vote, with the four most popular authors to then be put before its jury. The jury will announce its winner in October, the same month the Nobel is traditionally announced.

“In awarding this prize, we are staging a protest. We want to show people that serious cultural work does not have to occur in a context of coercive language, irregularities or abuse,” said the new organization."

It is currently expected that the Swedish Academy will announce two Nobel winners in 2019.

Who was Alfred Nobel ?

Alfred Nobel (1833–1896) preferred to live a solitary life. He spent most of his time tinkering with and creating inventions. He owned 355 patents by the time he died in 1896. His will stated that much of his wealth was to be used to establish the Nobel Prize. Five annual prizes were to be given to support extraordinary worldwide achievements in chemistry, physics, literature, medicine, and peace. His estate continues on to support prizes given each year to honor individuals from around the globe who make the greatest contributions to mankind.
Alfred Nobel invented dynamite
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Thanks for the info, Gab ..
Clarence: Good for you ! *ThumbsupL*
The story behind this is a
touching one. Alfred Nobel worked
at his father's arms factory as a
young man. In 1864, a deadly explosion
killed his younger brother. Deeply
affected, Nobel developed a
safer explosive: dynamite
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Tracy K. Smith

America’s Poet Laureate-determined
to bring poems to the masses to be
an antidote to our toxic civic culture.

The Universe as Primal Scream

5pm on the nose. They open their mouths
And it rolls out: high, shrill and metallic.
First the boy, then his sister. Occasionally,
They both let loose at once, and I think
Of putting on my shoes to go up and see
Whether it is merely an experiment
Their parents have been conducting
Upon the good crystal, which must surely
Lie shattered to dust on the floor.

Maybe the mother is still proud
Of the four pink lungs she nursed
To such might. Perhaps, if they hit
The magic decibel, the whole building
Will lift-off, and we'll ride to glory
Like Elijah. If this is it—if this is what
Their cries are cocked toward—let the sky
Pass from blue, to red, to molten gold,
To black. Let the heaven we inherit approach.

Whether it is our dead in Old Testament robes,
Or a door opening onto the roiling infinity of space.
Whether it will bend down to greet us like a father,
Or swallow us like a furnace. I'm ready
To meet what refuses to let us keep anything
For long. What teases us with blessings,
Bends us with grief. Wizard, thief, the great
Wind rushing to knock our mirrors to the floor,
To sweep our short lives clean. How mean

Our racket seems beside it. My stereo on shuffle.
The neighbor chopping onions through a wall.
All of it just a hiccough against what may never
Come for us. And the kids upstairs still at it,
Screaming like the Dawn of Man, as if something
They have no name for has begun to insist
Upon being born.

Life on Mars (Graywolf Press, 2011)
Thank you for sharing this! *Heart*

Thanks for the read Gab ..

Literary LINKS Publishing Opportunities

*StarfishB**StarfishB* IMAGE OUT JOURNAL

*Vignette6*The Rochester LGBT Film Festival, calls LGBTQ
authors & allies to submit original works for the 7th edition
of the literary journal published during the film festival.
No entry fee. All work must be original.
*Vignette6*Submissions should seek to capture some
aspect of LGBTQ lives.
Prose Limit: 8,000 words
Poetry Limit: 3 poems/500 total words
*Vignette6*Electronic submissions only
(.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt) in 12 pt,
double-spaced font.
*Vignette6*Must include cover sheet with
author’s name, street address, email, title of submission,
& author bio (50 words max)
*Vignette6*Rights revert to author after publication.
Email submissions: outwrite@imageout.org
*Vignette6*Dates & Deadlines:
June 15, 2018, Submission Deadline
August 15, 2018, Authors Selected Notified via e-mail
August 22, 2018, Authors Confirm Participation
October 4-14 Publication
*Right* "ImageOutWrite", Volume Six presents a broad
array of LGBTQ & allied voices to enrich & entertain
you—while preserving the narrative of those lives.

*StarfishB**StarfishB* IOTA MAGAZINE

*Vignette6*WRITERS IN ENGLAND: IOTA: open for submissions.
In the next issue, IOTA will explore work & play.
Send your take on this theme. Be as oblique as you like.
*Vignette6*We look for short stories, poems, life writing,
memoir, travel writing, food writing & more. These forms
can be combined, played with, deconstructed & all can be
completely fictive - we ask that your writing is bold & original.
*Vignette6*Read the latest IOTA to get a feel for what
we are looking for. https://www.iotamagazine.co.uk/buy
*Vignette6*Features & essays - Email your work
Email short stories. We read & respond as they come in.
Fiction/non-fiction submissions between 500 & 2000 words
Email up to 4 poems
*Vignette6*We will read all submissions & get back with
our decisions within four weeks. Please send your work to:
*Vignette6*What's in it for you?
We are an ‘independent’ magazine which means
we are entirely dependent on our writers, readers &
subscribers. We can’t currently pay our contributors
but we can promise to read your
work carefully, publish it in the best way possible & host
a great launch event for each issue.

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Thanks, Gab for your information gifts
that you supply to all *Hug1**hug**Hug2*.
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Dear Friends: Good Saturday Morning !
*CarO**CarR**CarB* I'm in the process of moving from apartment to cottage in Rutland, Vermont. I'll be back in another week when I hope to be settling in to my new home *Home*
Enjoy your new home! 😃
Good luck with the move! I hope you'll be happy in your new home. *Bigsmile*
How exciting! Have a fun move, Gabriella. *Delight*

Thank you, Gabriella! Enjoy this wonderful day. Thank you for sharing this great sentiment. *Smile*
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All my fur babies thank you for
your thoughtfulness and very
nice message *Smile*

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*StarfishB* Ploughshares

Emerging Writer's Contest:
Three prizes of $2,000 each and publication
in Ploughshares are given annually for a poem
or group of poems, a short story, and an essay.
Each winner also receives a consultation with
the literary agency Aragi, Inc. Deadline is May 15.

Entry Fee: $24
Cash Prize: $2,000
E-mail address:
Website: http://www.pshares.org

Writers who have not published a book
or chapbook are eligible. Submit three to
five pages of poetry or up to 6,000 words
of fiction or nonfiction with a $24 entry
fee (there is no entry fee for current subscribers),
which includes a subscription to
Ploughshares, by May 15.

Contact Information:

Ploughshares, Emerging Writer's Contest,
Emerson College,
120 Boylston Street,
Boston, MA 02116.
(617) 824-3757.
Ellen Duffer, Managing Editor.

*StarfishB* Able Muse Press

Website: http://www.ablemusepress.com
Genres Published:
Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Reading Period: May 1 to Jul 15
Reporting Time: 3 to 6 months
Charges Reading Fee: No
Accepts Electronic Submissions: Yes
Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions: Yes

Editorial Focus:
Able Muse Press publishes emerging and
established poets and writers, and anthologies
of poetry, fiction, and art. Able also publishes
periodical print versions of Able Muse.

Contact Info:
Alexander Pepple, Editor
467 Saratoga Avenue, #602
San Jose, CA 95129
Contact E-mail:

Visit Publishing Place  (E)
Free Library for Writing & Publishing Info/Advice: Created for all of us here on W.Com.
#1525565 by Gabriella

Love the dancing cats! And thank you for the info *Smile*
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Thanks for opening our eyes to the works of great poets here.
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Thank you Gabriella ..
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Thank you Gabriella for everything you do on WDC, this month of poetry was inspiring.
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Once again, we look forward to sharing an exceptional poem
with our W.Com Community to celebrate


Today, we are especially pleased to feature a poem written
by a beloved writer, *Star*Prof. Charles Xavier

The Beauty That Surrounds

The vast warm earth that holds the fresh green grass,
along the purple-headed verdant mountainside.
For every blossom of a flower where butterflies dance,
their sweet scent does make my heart sing.

The chirping of birds that greet me in the morning,
the dripping of rain in times of spring,
The soft lullaby of a mother to her child,
it brings me the comfort of a homey delight.

The storm I face, that gives me such challenge,
molds me to the person You want me to be,
For the warmth of smiles in those faces I've met,
I see and feel Your love in them.

How beautiful is Your creation.
We are wonderfully made.

Poet: Prof. Charles Xavier