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Rising Stars Stand-Up Comedy Challenge, June, 2017

2018 Washington Post's Annual Mensa Invitational:

Change the Meaning of a Word by Changing One Letter in the word.

See if you can come up with ONE brilliant new word
to replace an old one.

How about these ?

Squid pro Quohog= The Fishmonger's dilemma

Promisses= Promises given\promisses materialized

Defliction= The consequences attributable to the effects unintended consequences

Encrouching= To intrude while semi-squatting. Often done in theaters en route to mid row seats

Claustraphobic= What Santa feels as he climbs down the chimneys

Multiasking= The frantic behaviour of children approximately two weeks before Christmas

Tunesia= Inability to remember a melody you once knew

Latte= Fashionably unpunctual with an attitude

Hebrew= "It's a Man's Beer!"

Drolling= Posting a weak joke in an online comment section in the hope of getting someone to post an lol

Petiatrician= A specialist of veterinary medicine whose practice only treats puppies and kittens

Retickulation= The revelation that there is a tick on you again

Smortcuts= "Smart" shortcuts–those clever dodges that don't get you anywhere except into trouble

oxymoron= A sly simpleton

Madician= A mentally challenged magician

Pregret= Kowing you'll later wish you hadn't

Calumnist= Attendee at a White House press briefing

Donsortium= The Mafia

Baldercash= The ridiculous money spent on unsuccessful hair regimens

Meadusa= A besotted and snaky sorceress

Nextrovert= Willing to intereact ONLY with the person sitting next to you at a dinner party

YOUR TURN *Laugh**Laugh*

-->Cantatta: Can't Ever Say Goodbye.

Blessphemy = extreme religiosity bordering on the profane

Blabbergast = to surprise others with one's powers of speech

Sinsibility = the ability to ignore one's moral compass

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*RibbonR*Bravo, Wordy Jay and welcome back *Smile*
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Before we Bid Farewell to
all of our friends who took part in
W.Com's Parade of Poets,
we are pleased to share One Last Poem with you.

Pause for a few minutes to join Schnujo who is delighted to introduce Steven and his feisty poem.

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I think trees are good
And they should be saved
But people need jobs
And roads must be paved

Animals have rights
‘Bout them we should care
But I do not mind
Steak, medium-rare

Free markets can work
Profits you don’t stem
But banks improve if
We regulate them

Welcome immigrants
And culture you gave
But assimilate
Don’t create enclaves

You’re fine to worship
Whatever you will
Does not mean you can
Force on me your pill

Unions gave to us
Fair pay, benefits
But too much power
It really corrupts

Big business employs
Gives people the work
But pay fair tax shares
Don’t avoid and shirk

Education should
Be affordable
But teach real subjects
Not psycho-babble

There’s too many laws
Police and courts rule
But we need order
To control us all

Am I a right wing
Businessman yuppie
Maybe a left wing
Tree-hugging hippy

Stuck in the middle
My mind I’m losing
I hate politics
It’s damn confusing!


Thank you one and all for
making every one of the
past 30 Days as delightful
as this one. We're
especially grateful to
The StoryMaster
for giving us the green light
to do this for a second
wonderful year !

Warmest thanks,


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Yippee kyay is all I can to this one!

Write On~
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Great poem, Steven! Love it!

Thank you Gabriella-Sail On Silver Girl for all your hard work and dedication to this project! It's been AWESOME!
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Heartfelt Thanks to you, too *Star* dear Lilli.
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With only 1 day left until the close of our 2nd Annual Parade of Poets, we're taking this time to recognize our 130 Sponsors, Poets, and Cheerleaders with handsome awards created by Lilli ☕

Meanwhile, take a few minutes to join PWheeler ~ love, joy and peace who looked forward to introducing alf8collier and his beautiful, articulate poem.

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winter deigns acknowledgement
as clouds wave greetings
in semaphore signals
of white cottoned ringlets,
strands frayed
by the dance of thermals
as zephyrs tease
in playful impishness
and tug at the austerity
of her costume

she struggles to maintain dignity
as her mantle of snow is seduced
in tacit steps of reticence
leaving dispossessed pearls
to follow new strings
in the infancy of re-birth
beneath fairy-lights
of new colour

her regret spills
riding a pebbled mattress
her tears escape the grazed knuckles
of her grasp
sending chuckles of glee
to surf the airwaves
in whirling eddies
of paradoxical whimsy

myriad boulders
parading in glistened coats
of emerald moss
stand sentinel,
enduring the ticklish caresses
of juvenile flow
with a stoic expression
of stiff upper lip
as Winter’s pride erodes
beneath a vanishing mantle
of memory

Celebrating National Poetry Month
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PWheeler ~ love, joy and peace
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1 Day More: Celebrating Poetry Month, April, 2019
#2186310 by Gabriella-Sail On Silver Girl

Just beautiful imagery.
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The poem was so majestic, just as winter is, at least in the mountains here in Utah she is, so are the mountains. I really enjoyed it!

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With only 2 days left until the close of our 2nd Annual Parade of Poets, we're taking this time to recognize our sponsors, poets and cheerleaders with handsome awards created by Lilli ☕

*HeartP* Meanwhile, let's join LinnAnn nano9 winner who is pleased to introduce Jaiam and his nostalgic poem.

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I remember all the times, you went
Walking with me in a field of wildflowers,
Beneath a sky of sapphire blue, and
With the sunlight shining down upon us.
And now, I regret my never telling you,
All the things I’d always meant to.

Believing you, already mine,
I kept waiting for, the “right” time.
I always thought that there’d be time,
To go walking with you hand in hand,
In that field, that seemed so far away,
From all the pressures of those days.

But, if I had known back then,
We would soon be parted,
For so many, many years,
I’d have said, the things I should
Have said, could have said,
Always meant to say, and it might
Have helped change - everything.

Who though, can ever know,
What their future really holds?
Events which you can not control,
Can conspire to divide you, and drive
You, far from what it is, you really want!
It seems, that is how it is, and has
Always been, with love.

And, that is how it was with us, as we went
Our separate ways, chasing other dreams.
We even tried to love again, but,
What other love could compete,
With a love that had grown so deep,
We both missed it, more than anything.
Both still needed it, more than anything.

So, now after all these years, my love,
We find ourselves back here, my love,
In that same field, my love, with its wildflowers.
Where, beneath a sky of sapphire blue,
I, at last, am telling you,
Things I think you’ve always known, but
Should have been told – so very long ago!


Celebrating National Poetry Month
Proud Sponsor of this Poem:
LinnAnn nano9 winner
Poet: Jaiam
I would just like to say;
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Isn't it amazing how things work out sometimes? We all have regrets, but life has a way of working out. Great poem! I really enjoyed it. *Smile*
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*Heart* this poem!
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Each day, as we make our way through the last 6 days in April,
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*HeartP* Today, let's join ~Minja~ in
Sharmelle Expressions and her inquisitive Poem.

Where is the place of my dreams? Poem Image

Where is the place of my dreams?

Could it be the ocean beaches in Oregon?
Where I can lay in the sun for a time for daydreams
as I look at the lovely Guiana.

Where could another place be of my dreams?
Could it be Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine
to watch the ocean while it gleams
through the night of the spiritual plane?

Which Ocean do I choose from? The Pacific
where everything on the west side is beautiful
and everything on the Atlantic
of the east side which the beauty was plentiful.

I think I’ll choose Maine on the eastside,
I have never seen the Atlantic Ocean before
and the Portland Head Lighthouse on that side
looks more impressive to explore.


Celebrating National Poetry Month
Proud Sponsor: ~Minja~
Talented Poet: Sharmelle Olson

Sorry, it took me so long to get back to you.

Good Afternoon Carol St. Ann,

Thank you! Wow, that's nice to know.
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Sorry, it took me so long to get back to you.

Good Afternoon Cubby,

Thank you for your kind words! With me, I have a fear of living to close to water because of flooding and the possibility of drowning because I do not know how to swim lol. But I do love lighthouses too.
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Sorry, it took me so long to get back to you.

Good Afternoon LynnPenCakes,

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, that lighthouse looks so beautiful. That's why I chose that one lol.
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Dear Gabriella,
Thank you so much for the cheerleading award.
All best wishes,
Baloney Bill

With only 3 days left until the close of our 2nd Annual Parade of Poets,
we are already looking back at this wonderful exhibition of
poetry on display every day throughout the month.

*HeartP* Today, let's join Thankful Jess in welcoming LazyWriter ,
one of W.Com's newest members from Leeds, England,

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Longing of a Writer

I'm shriveled up inside
It's so difficult to find the energy to try hard
Every empty promise to help with the story
Makes me not want to trust anybody

Is this story doing okay?
Is this direction really the right way?
When they hear you're a writer
Everyone's all excited
But no one wants to help you succeed
Where do I find the help that I need?

Please won't you help me?
Won't you be a sounding board for me?
Tell me if I have any place in this writing world
Would anybody pick up the book of an Asian girl?


Celebrating National Poetry Month
This Proud Sponsor:
Thankful Jess
Poet: LazyWriter

Perfect because it's true!
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Oh my word, I can relate to this! Nice work.
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Oh, my... I feel it's safe to say most of us can relate! Welcome to WDC! You will certainly find inspiration here. *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
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Each day, as we make our way to the close of April,
we are increasingly grateful for our 30 Sponsors, 30 Poets, and those
70+ unsung heroes--our champion cheerleaders.

*Star*There is another unsung heroine who has donated a remarkable
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put its best foot forward. Thank you, Lilli ☕
for sharing your kindness, capabilities, and support.

*HeartP* Today, let's support Lonewolf in
welcoming Mastiff and his "Ode to Work".

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The alarm goes off with a constant beep,
I slap the snooze with savage aggression;
The ten minute delay is not real sleep,
Time for me to become a possession.
In a drowsy state I do morning chores;
It seems harder each day to get them done.
Brushing? Dressing? I'll stay in the shower!
I wait a good while to open my drawers,
But pause too long you won't beat anyone.
Getting there first gives you all the power.

In general I'm first to get to the door,
It gives me some time to gather my thoughts.
Making the coffee is an easy chore,
I'll pick the grind, and I'll also use lots!
Deal with the public it's best to prepare;
Part of my job is to hear them complain,
My regret is just the tax on my time.
There are streets, sewers, and parks that need care;
With paperwork for jobs I must maintain.
No overtime pay, late nights on my dime.

Lest someone believe I don't love my work,
No one who doesn't writes grants worth millions.
It's simply that they won't hire me a clerk;
For filing, phones, and help with civilians.
Is it too much to ask to make this hire?
I've asked repeatedly throughout the years;
If put in the budget, I die from shock.
But could it happen before I retire?
Likely I die before someone appears.
At least Fridays I can shut off that clock!


Celebrating National Poetry Month
This Proud Sponsor: Lonewolf
Talented Poet: Mastiff
The great thing about having insomnia is that I never have to listen to that annoying alarm clock buzzer, lol.
Great job with the poem, Mastiff!
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I've had that before, too, Lilli. The "you're never really asleep and never really awake" line is so accurate!
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Has anyone nominated it for a Quill? Just a thought...

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#2145930 by Elle
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Each day, as we make our way through the last 5 days in April,
we are increasingly grateful for our 30 Sponsors, 30 Poets, and those
70+ unsung heroes--our champion cheerleaders.

*HeartP* Today, let's join Jayne in
BEAR and his tribute to autumn.

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Where the Winds of Autumn Take Me

The wind turned southeast to northwest,
once emerald green leaves
now shimmer radiant,
dancing down upon me.

Early morning dew greets heavy,
along with smells of last nights fire;
embers barely glowing,
as coffee awakes my tire.

Awaiting short lived light;
day’s journey quickened.
Crisp air slapping face,
this Autumn morning in Maine.

The nut gatherers racing,
up and down trees.
Near grown fawns with mothers
putting new winter coats on.

A lumbering bear plump
from summer forage;
yawns and growls impatient,
for a long rest needed.

Where winds of autumn take me,
to thoughts of years gone by.
And all the summers' splendor,
to winters' voice it cries.

Hurry at stacking wood;
for soon snow covers all.
Storm windows secure;
leaves piled high still fall.

Picked the last green tomatoes,
potatoes, peppers too.
Canning the last few fruits,
hard work paid its dues.

Migration’s cloud out the sky,
serenade with bugle calls.
and drifting hawks of sorts,
eyeing me from their view.

My, my what a beautiful time,
like each new seasons' own,
my mind drifts far away,
and I'm so close to home.

Where winds of autumn take me,
where winds of autumn go.


Celebrating National Poetry Month
This Poet's Proud Sponsor:
Poet: BEAR
You betcha, 🌜 Huntersmoon . That's still sundress weather aro