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Hi.. Still alive. Haven't been here in a while. My Wife and I have been working on some projects so we can get our website up and running. It will be a while before I can catch up on e-mails and such. So if you dropped me a message and haven't responded, I'm not ignoring you. Next month I plan on upgrading my membership so I can practice Blogging. Hope you all are well.
Welcome back! *Smile*
Thanks. Good to be back. I couldn't sleep and wanted to read so I figured I'd stop in and read another chapter from groovy girls book I haven't finished yet.
No rush. Just enjoy the read. *Bigsmile*
Can anyone tell me why my suitcase went from black to eggshell with question marks. Not that I'm complaining. Makes me feel like the joker from Batman.
Simply go here Gaia: http://www.writing.com/main/my_account/view/costumicons

Find one you like. Go waaay down to the bottom, click SUBMIT. You can change them at any time, it lasts until this subscription period ends. Premium members have em all the time. Hope that helps!
Thanks guys.. helps a lot. I'll check it out some more when I'm not so sleepy.. You guys are awesome!
Cool! Thanks Whata! Now I'm Batman!
Have no fear for I still am here.

Seriously, been Summertime busy. It's a good thing though. Winters are so freakin long here in Northern Germany. The weather is still ScheiƟ. But at least we can keep the heaters off. I can see come fall and winter ya'all will get much more attention from me. So enjoy your reprieve while it lasts and Write On! I'm gonna need plenty of stuff to read during the long cold Winter nights.
Hi... I'm still alive! I picked up a second job and have been super busy. Everything happened pretty fast. So if anybody has emailed me, I apologize for not getting back to you. I haven't checked my emails. I will go through them when I can. Probably not for another month or so. I put in a 4 week notice to one of my jobs. I hope to have more time to come back to WdC when things have mellowed out. I'm on a break right now, I just wanted to take these few minutes to say I miss you guys!
Hey there, sorry i have been MIA this week. Internet was down for a couple days and started a new job. YAY! More jobs.. Anywho, gotts to get my homework for the Garden Grammar class going again. Well... I actually have to go to work first.. *Think*
Woot woot! One of our Laptops is working again! What I am really excited about is that I stayed up late and finished Lesson 2 for Grammar Garden and worked some more on the rest of Lesson 1 that I still need to finish. I'm learning a lot more and faster about how to use the ML writing thingy thanks to this class. It is way easier on a computer. Super complicated on the Kindle. I am also learning how illiterate I really am. Oh man! I am fairly well spoken. Well, at least I think I am.
Hey, good to hear from you Gaia. A kindle? Yup much harder. Glad you got your laptop good to go, have fun in class *CoffeeG*
Whata? Whata,

You asked me how my class is going. It's going well. Better this week. I have my assignment already done and turned in. The first Lesson was pretty rough. So much info for this short attention span of mine. And I couldn't do the sentences in lesson one. I can see as the lessons go on my brain will kick in and start understanding things from the previous lessons. My teach Katzendragonz is super nice and very patient with me. So ya. Thanks for askin.

Btw. Yes I am over 30, but less than 60. *Wink*
You sound so much like me Gaia. My brain took a hike & I'm still waiting for its return. For me it's illness, meds, etc. But my attention span has never been too wide, either! I tried two classes at NHA, the people are nearly saints. Patient & kind. But something about making a horse drink water? Yeah.

However, I love to celebrate the successes of their students! I saw your shiny merit badge *Bigsmile* Good going!

30-60. Cool. I'll read something of yours, then I'll narrow it down decade by decade. Like it matters *Rolling* It's like trivial pursuit mu wa wa wa...
Ah ha! You refer to your 20s as past, so you're anywhere from 30 - 100! Whata Detective I am *Rolling*
Hello gals and guys... I know I have been a little M.I.A. lately. It's been a hell of a week. But things should mellow out a bit now. I am hoping to spend more time here again and focus on my studies at the Horizon Academy. I missed ya..
PLUS, you love kitties! Love the pic. I have 13 *Cat2*

I know, I KNOW *FacePalm*


OMG 13? That is way cool. We got our Kitties from a no kill shelter. One was very lovable. The Other was scared and wanted nothing to do with people, so we took her too. We knew we could work with her and that there was a good chance she would not get adopted. She lets us pet her when she feels like it now. So success on that one. Anyways.. Enough about my Cats. Thank you again for the Membership. I must go write my Bio for my Grammar Garden Course. After "Trying" to answer the questions in the pre-test, I know I am going to NEED this course.
Awww I can talk kitties all day. Obviously! Good for you, they always need a playmate. Did you *just* update your bio, or have I been calling you a dude for better reason *Facepalm* Ooopsies. You hear wife, you just automatically think hetero. Oh society, you have corrupted me! *Laugh*

Teaser: Grew up in mostly san bernardino & riverside counties. Ha!

Good luck on your grammar garden. Good peeps, good teachers. Hard work.
Hi... I do not know who is following me or who can see this Newsfeed message thingy I am sending out there into the Wondrous World of WDC. I wanted to say something. I forgot what it is I wanted to say. My mind is very Squirrely. You know.. like the dog from UP. I always have to proof-read my comments. Sometimes 2-3 times. Why you don't ask. Because I often skip words in my sentences. I hear them in my head, but they do not always make it to my fingers. I do not know where to put my punctuation marks. At least I think I use them incorrectly often. I have my own written language I use. My language can be rather foreign to most. I am on a quest to learn how to communicate with the "Main Stream" world around me. I am not diagnosed with anything but ADDHD as a child. But there is something very different about me than most. We are all unique in our own way. So maybe I am actually normal. Though most, if not all, whom surround me would not think so. I think I notice more about my surrounding than my surroundings notice about themselves and their surroundings. This is originally meant as a Newsfeed post, but I think I will put it in my Portfolio too. So if you are reading this twice, thanks for looking. Peace, Love and Happiness... *RainbowL* *Peace* *RainbowR*
Well, no. That would be possible, but that's not the only explanation.

I found your note in the Community Newsfeed. No fan or favorite necessary.
Oh.. ok.. Well thanks for taking the time to comment. Now that I know you exist, I can raid your port and say nice things in the review sections until you are nauseated
*Laugh* I think you were 'drunk' posting Gaia! I do that. You've OD'd on writing.com. It happens.
Congrats on becoming an author. *Smile*
Thank you. It was by accident. I didn't really know what would happen when I started pushing buttons and filling in things. Rather fun. Now I know how to put in a story when I have one. I didn't know I had a notebook either till I got a message saying you wrote in it. For some reason I thought you had to have a paid membership for that.
Have fun! This is how you learn. *Wink*
Kerri's right, pushing buttons and figuring things out are definitely how you learn around here. Of course, it helps to have us "The Newbies Academy Group peeps to spam comment in your Notebook *Bigsmile* If you need anything, go to the NAG Links and post in the member's forum or the How-to Classroom.

Just watch out for that lady above us, sybarrios, she's a Super Hero. Kerri's (Quinn J. Miller ) The Focused Warden, and I'm Whata Ever I feel Like Being, but always whata *Rolling*

Most people start out here reading. You've written a good poem, got your 'Bio Block' all setup, used your Notebook, posted in other's NBs, AND you're already reviewing. PLUS you're taking a class at New Horizons? Pffft. How cool! I'm sure the list continues, but I'll stop there. We're busy, but accessible-- enjoy your membership. It helps *Laugh*

*I couldn't help it ladies-- we all magically ended up in Gaia's Notebook! I'll go away now*

Me organizing stuff & thoughts sig

Maybe ha ha!
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