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Keegan, I have to say you're poems were a bit above me. lol But I liked them anyway. :) And I found your love poems! Not sure how I missed those!! Oh wait... yes I do... cause my nose was stuck in a textbook for months. :P Anyway, I liked those too! Something you need to spill hmmmmmm??? ;)
Done, graduated, finished! And there's a new poem up that's a bit different than my usual happy-go-lucky stuff. Let me know what you think! :)
Yeah so after tomorrow, two more weeks till I'm graduated and done with school! And you know what that means? It means a new story in the works! Oh yeah!!!!! :D
There. Poetry posted. Not really that new but it isn't reviewed at least. :) Just for you love!
Sweet!!! I feel special now :p
Uh huhhh.... It's going to kill me. The end.
Welp, fliptastic weekend (books, shopping, good food, fiance, bike rides, laughs) and now it's back to the books. :P I start my math class this week. *hides under table* Only 8 weeks to go.... *wimper*
Ohh dangg!! You're such a busy body these days!!
Yeahh, math is horrible :/
Thanks love. :) *snuggles* And the play was amazing btw! Great lines, great songs, great acting, great dancing, great play!!! Now I'm off to a pleasant sleep. :)
:) That's good to hear!! I'm glad it went well!! Me too, I'm pooped! hahah :)
EEK!!!! Guess where I'm going tonight!!! Okay you never will so I'll just tell you. I'm going to see Fiddler On The Roof!!! The theater! OH YEAH!!!! :D And then bridesmaids dress shopping Saturday! And book shopping tomorrow! And my weekend is going to be epic. :)
Suhweeeeet!!!! That is amazing!!!! I'm gonna have a good one just knowing how epic yours is gonna be!!!!

P.S. I never saw your comment telling me you were engaged till today!!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!! :D
Hey Keegan! It's Melody Claire (or formerly Melody Claire). I'm back yet again. Just hated being without WDC and stuff to read and motivation to write. :P That is a dark dark place my friend. Anyway, how have you been? What have I missed? Catch up time please! :)
Melody! I'm glad you're back, it's just not the same without you!
But, I've been pretty good! How about yourself? Any new stories?! :D
Well, I'm engaged as of November and planning for my wedding this upcoming September! How is THAT for news?! :)
Ahh have fun with that!!!! I am having a great day! tell me how the fair was! *Heart* :)
Haha, the fair was awesome!! I got sunburned, but other than that it was great xD I'm glad you were having a great day, and again, I don't check this too often, obviously xD How are you?
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