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I heard California is on lockdown. Nobody is allowed to leave the State and nobody is allowed to come in starting tonight. Gotta watch local news to find out.
How in the world could they possibly enforce that? A state that big must have a zillion roads that cross state boarders.
My goal this year is to hit 1000 reviews to earn an Achievement Award.
Cool Goal!!!
You can do it!!!!
That's a lot of reviews! Hope you make it.

I am currently working my way through the Wonderland Challenge and have been set a task to visit 20 WdC member Notebooks and comment on a post. And here I am, doing exactly that! Also, I have to say at some point, "one step closer to White/Red Queen/King." And now that's been done, too!

Thanks so much for your (inadvertent) assistance in my Challenge.
see above.
Happy 6th WdC Anniversary!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

My apologies for not participating in the 19th year celebration. It came at a bad time for me. My mother gave up her fight for her life on August 25. We had her laid to rest last Thursday at Eternal Hills Memorial in Oceanside California. I had no time for myself having to coordinate her memorial and interment services. Additionally, I had to deal with a house full of relatives coming from out of state. Hopefully, I can have free time now with my husband and my mother promoted to heaven.

I'll come around soon.
Sorry to hear that your mum passed. Take care of you QO.
Sending prayers and cotton clouds of comfort through this sad time.
Alexi *Heart*
Peace and love to you all! And no apologies needed.*Heart**Angel*
Sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family *Heart*
My goal before 2019 ends is to hit 1000th reviews. So I’m plugging along everyday. I’ll get there shortly.
Thanks, A E Wilcox for all the GPs you rewarded me today. I truly appreciate them.
Have you read The Book of Jubilee?
It explains how Eve had nine daughters
and one of them married Cain.
Hiya! Hope to see you join in the "Super Power Mini HOOP LA Challenge! *Wink*
Now I know what you looks like. You're beautiful. Happy birthday!
The Christian Blog Group and Christian Blog Forum are now open for business. Calling interested WDC members to join. We are a small group. We're focused on sharing our faith and testimonies for our enlightenment and edification.

I posted a new item to my port. Check it out:
A Tribute to my mother on Mother's Day  (18+)
At the end of the day, a mother's patience, forbearance, and perseverance paid off.
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Okay, we got 'Holy Cow' sorted ... now for that 'Holy Smokes' ?