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What ever happened to the first Nickelodeon Disney shrink story?
gone forever
Might I ask why? As I really liked that story
I'm sorry, it was an old story with a bunch of really bad early chapters before my writing had developed and I couldn't deal with the mess of people adding one line chapters. 60% of the story was fluff and that's not the type of content I set out to make I joined this. So I talked to the two other people who were adding actual content and got their opinion on it. We decided that it was best too simply start over, because they were really getting annoyed at the constant messages too.

This is not a joke, we logged on one morning to over a hundred short, sloppily written additions that took hours to clean up and delete. Which is why adding clean typed content has become so important for me. I one hundred percent plan to add enough content to the newer version of the story to make up for the last one no longer being available, and I always encourage those who want to see more to send me what they want added for proofreading to make sure the best content is readily available.

If you remember certain chapters in specific, I'm happy too help you re-create and improve them or create starting points to introduce those ideas.

That is the best I can possibly do.
Please someone do something with Stuck in the middle please
Hey there. Can someone add the chapter of Nickelodeon & Disney Shrinking(Mostly) Big Hero 6 that Hiro is shrunk?
Can you please do the Rocky as a pebble inside one of CeCe’s shoes
Can you please do Riley being found by Ava in your Nickelodeon and Disney Story please and please any more Liv and Maddie stuff to would be nice too
Please can you do something with Berry and is wife in her drinking him after taking that drink from Caitlin
Can you please do more with Luna in this story please oh please
I'm sure you didn't do it for recognition since you remained Anonymous, but thank you whoever it was who gave me the basic membership. It really helps and will allow me to write more and add more choices to the directions my stories take.
Ken's Small Day is once again available to the public, honestly I was surprised by the number of people who noticed it was down. Thanks for reminding me why I started writing on here, good to know I'm appreciated in the community. Enjoy. ~Haro
What ever happened to that other shrinking interactive. The title escapes me butI really enjoyed it.
Ken's Small Day will be temporarily unavailable due to a member adding 13 very short and unappealing chapters, 4 of which were the same addition I deleted over and over again. It's well known that I hate one sentence additions and will delete them immediately. Please make sure when making an addition to my stories that they make sense, have some degree of detail and are longer than 3,000 characters typed out. If you have a problem with the way I conduct my interactives I recommend you contact me first, find another one to write in, or simply make your own if it's that important to you. Ken's Small Day will be back in a week or so unless I forget, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your time~ Haro
Too discourage it, I can't stop the person from adding the same one sentence chapter 5 times until I don't have it as public for a few days. Truthfully I was just getting annoyed.
The one liners and horrible chapters with no effort put in are some of my pet peeves of this site. :\ You get a good interactive with a good series of chapters and one of those can ruin the flow ESPECIALLY if the author no longer frequents and can't delete.
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