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 The carnival {part 1}  (E)
a girl meets a boy but what will happen?

part 1
if u like i will write part 2

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 Teenage Drama  (18+)
Speak up before its too late, have no regrets
one day I got a review from somebody but I don't know who anyways she said that when we were in school we were taught to write a story in the past tense, now I find when I'm writing a story I'm getting confused as to how to keep it in the present tense, any tips please??
Learn the present tense form of all the verbs.

Pleased to meet you!

~Nixie *Bigsmile*

New identity for SPR

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I would absolutely love a upgraded membership maybe if i win the lotto i can get 1
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You can try this, you might have better luck than hoping for a lottery win *Laugh*
I got it im so happy , thank you to the person who told me about raok random act of kindness x
So happy right now, ask and you shall receive it, I got the raok upgraded wdc I'm delighted thanks so much...
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 Time to spare  (E)
live in the moment
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 Prison  (13+)
loyalty madness
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thank you
hi, i want to say thanks to every1 who read my poem and stories and took the time to write to me and send me points I'm shocked tanks so much,,,, what are the points for?
Hi and welcome to WDC! Gift points are wonderful and can be used like money for a variety of things here in the community. With gift points you can buy merit badges, reward others, you can buy items from the WDC shop, items like signatures and graphics from other shops here, you can commission and create your own merit badges or trinkets or, you can even use gift points to purchase paid memberships to the community! I'm sure I've left out a few things...but I hope you find awesome ways to use your gift points! Again, welcome🌈💻🎉💗
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 heroin  (ASR)
my poem is about my hatred 4 drugs

i wrote this poem when I was a teen
hi everybody
Hello! Welcome to WDC😏
Welcome to WDC.
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