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So I don’t normally post here in this part of
the site but anyone notice or know what’s
up with the lack of extra daily log-in
gift points around the holidays?

Usually thought Christmas and
New Years WDC Gave extra or at least
had in past years
Questions about the site belong in "Technical Support Forum, which is linked as Need Help? at the upper right, and also as Writing.Com Tools/Help: Technical in the left nav menu.

That said --

Log-in points are usually higher for the site birthday. I don't remember that happening regularly any other time of year.

Other events, such as the holidays, have usually had a sale, such as the after Christmas sale on MBs and such this year, or offered a Costumicon enrollment period, and this year's lasts through Noon on January 4th, 2021.
It has happened. At least for
New Years. I dug through my GP Logs
Deeply to see that thanks though
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