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A special day is coming up for you this month.

*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Anyone else having sudden issues
Adding to interactives even their own?
I assure you I was in no way doubting
That Story Master or Story Mistresses
would do their best nor was I
Implying that they would ignore an
Issue affecting multiple users.

It’s apparently fixed now.
Just did a successful test add on one of my own
interactives as to not harm or bother others
Excellent! I'm glad you're back up and running.

To the person who asked, you can contact any mod the same way - it doesn't jave to be me.

I didn't mean to come off as rude. I sensed a growing frustration, and I know the interactive side is a dedicated bunch.

I'd be real unhappy if the gifs broke *Laugh*, so I do understand where you were coming from.
Interactives may be my passion on this
site but I do appreciate a good
GIF or Emoticon too
so yea I’d probably say something if those
broke too lol

I was trying to be chill about it honestly
and now that I see Story Master admitted
he did an ooopsie updating
the mobile site last night
( apparently lots of folks not just me
access WDC via Tablet or Smartphone )

It’s all good I get mistakes happen
and having dabbled in code , and
Web design I can appreciate the ease of
forgetting or breaking 1 little thing and having to redo something lol
Happy 12th WDC Anniversary!
—- Warning Vent / Rant —

I swear sometimes petty people piss me off
especially on this site.
Some douche named CountDugula aka Zach
something had the nerve to gripe about
violating the rules of their interactive when
I didn’t , then complain about choice chapters but as soon as I waste a ton of time writing several paragraphs the sack of crap goes and shoots off more pissy e-mails at me, deletes my paths and blocks me thus preventing adding the chapter
I put a lot of time into

I swear sometimes blocking is Bull s***
And this is one of those times
Blocking or restricting interactive access
shouldn’t be allowed unless the site wants to
do moderation and arbitrate disputes
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Spend more time on my interactive instead. I leave plenty of paths for you to take. *EyesLeft*
So I don’t normally post here in this part of
the site but anyone notice or know what’s
up with the lack of extra daily log-in
gift points around the holidays?

Usually thought Christmas and
New Years WDC Gave extra or at least
had in past years
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It has happened. At least for
New Years. I dug through my GP Logs
Deeply to see that thanks though
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