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Hello there G.J!

I saw on the one Newsletter you're looking for nonfiction outlets. FYI, ruwth is huge on Non-fiction and she does have an Essay contest. Also, you can join the blogging community! Some options:

30-Day Blogging Challenge  (13+)
WDC's Longest Running Blog Competition - See you in May!
#1786069 by Fivesixer

Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise  (E)
Blog City - Every Blogger's Paradise.
#1972895 by Witchy woman

Blogging Circle of Friends   (E)
A group for WDC bloggers.
#1901868 by Witchy woman

Blogging is fun and destressing for me at least. Just some options! *Bigsmile*
I embarked on a new path of writing. I've given up fiction and taken on the task of non-fiction, essays to be specific. I need someone to review this first one. ( item #2214001). Whoever will take this on can be as brutal as he or she likes.
I can't right now, but just an FYI on how to post links. You know, people are lazy, so you'll get more takers with a direct link. lol

I see you know where to get the item number. If it's something you've recently written or edited, it will pop up automatically after the colon. (If you have slow internet, it might take a few seconds. And note that those are braces, not parentheses. *Wink*)

{item:2214001} *Right* "Toughness

{bitem:2214001} *Down*

 Toughness  (E)
Nonfiction: A personal essay about one's relationship to society.
#2214001 by G. J. Jolly

I hope you get lots of takers! *Shamrock*
schnujo suggested I share what I shared with him/her (which one is it?) here on the Community Newsfeed.

HippoCampus (https://www.hippocampusmagazine.com/) is a magazine that will accept pieces previously published on a personal blog. This online magazine is for nonfiction. I haven't seen any fiction there.
I think I am going to submit something, but they don't open to submissions until March. That's good because it gives me time to trim the fat.
Super awesome, Wonder Queen Sox! DO IT! DO IT!! DO IT!!!
Great site! Thanks for sharing!
Why isn't there a newsletter for nonfiction?
I kind of assumed there was. Maybe because there's not a lot of interest in it? It's always a struggling category in "2021 Nomination Form for Quill Awards.
If you're interested, the For Authors and Noticing Newbies NLs often have a nonfiction (or at least general writing) focus. Also, I'll be a recurring editor of the Drama NL this year... if you have any specific topics you'd like to read about, let me know and I'll be happy to consider them for my editorials! *Smile*
I've been avoiding Writing.Com for the past 2 weeks. Even before that, I wasn't interacting when I was here. I just haven't had much to say. My muse had gone off to places unknown and left me feeling forlorn. I'm hoping the new year will bring my muse back.

Happy New Year!
Well, there's plenty to do around here without a muse! You can chat on scroll, do reviews (which often kick starts muses), educate yourself (do a search for stuff under the Educational tag--I came up with 277 PAGES of stuff to sift through for some learning fun), do polls, crossword puzzles, word searches, madlibs, surveys, and quizzes, all of which can be found through the search function, of course, read interactives, fix up your port by putting pics on things that don't have them (unless you are good and do that as you write) and organizing things into folders and such, edit some things you wrote long ago (also often good for calling on muses), hang out in the newbie area and greet them and answer questions, start/restart a blog (if you aren't currently blogging) because that doesn't require a lot of creativity, post on friends' newsfeeds, send out some cNotes and MBs or buy some raffle tickets, scroll through the Community Newsfeed (which most folks never go to) and meet new people and offer comments on their posts, or critique the punctuation in long lists of stuff to do posted by me. *Rolling* There's a million things to do here that don't require a muse. I haven't written anything in months, but spend hours and hours on here every day...uh, that came out like bragging. It's actually an issue. I need to cut back, but anyway, just saying, it's definitely possible to be here without a writing muse. *Bigsmile*

And if you are here enough without your muse, maybe they will get jealous and come crawling back. lol I know I'm often inspired to write when I interact with other people and their writing! I have a whole list of ideas inspired from reviewing...though I do hate to do it. lol But it's good for the community and people appreciate it. *Smile* Anyway, WdC interaction definitely doesn't require a muse! I hope to see you around more! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
I changed my icon for Writing.Com. The one I was using was one I found at an image site several years ago. Although I had permission to use it, somewhere along the way I lost the information on the artist. Without having the proof of right to use it, I felt uncomfortable with it representing me online. This one I uploads a few days ago also comes from an image site but it clearly states at the site that all images are free to use.

Stealing an item of any sort is a crime, of course. As writers, we use copyright laws to protect us as do other artists.

Have you ever used an image that you really didn't have the approval to use?
Yup. *Blush* Never for commercial gain, only for personal use, but yes, I always forget to even think about this step. It's ridiculous. It should be ingrained.
I've been busy rewriting a 1st draft I did a few years ago. I'm up to chapter 9 now. It needs so much more work though. This may take me a year to get through. *Headbang*
Hackers are everywhere these days. I'd say I hate all of them but, truthfully, some are needed in this technical life of ours. Nevertheless, the ones who don't have licit jobs where they use this skill should, in my opinion, have their fingers cut off. *Ninja* *Hand1**Hand2* *Ax*

Anyway, I'm sorry Writing.Com was compromised.

Albeit, I hadn't changed my password here in ages. In fact, I was using the original one I started with. It was way past time for me to change it. How about you?
I've decided not to change my password at this stage. Just because it'd be an inconvenience. But if it appears that anyone is actually being compromised by the hack, I'll do it.
I wasn't going to change my password too. I've been using this password since 2002 but I heard of someone whose computer got hacked into so I quickly changed it. Let's hope we remember our new password. SM would be busy letting us in if we did.
I got one of those emails from Writing.Com informing me I haven't graced the Writing.Com website for a week. I usually know this already when this happens but this time I hadn't really thought about it. My mind has been fixated on something I've neglected for far too long. I've been working on the 1st rewrite of the 1st WiP I started 5 years ago. The 1st draft had been buried in a virtual drawer for 4 years. I finally brought it out of hiding and have been working on it every day.

I know I'll lose this paid membership at some point because I got it as a gift. Couldn't afford it otherwise. I've been trying to make the best of it by being here more often going through the newsfeed, reading newsletters, and reading other people's works of labor. But I'm on a roll with this rewrite and I don't want to lose my momentum.

I'll try harder to be here more often.