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Wow, wow, wow! Lots of announcements to make today.

First, this week has been amazing. We've gone from 78 chapters in "Legends of Yndyre: A WG Fantasy to 111! Thank you to all our supporting authors!

Second, the "The Yndyre Field Guide has undergone a major update. Check it out! A whole new region, new species, a bestiary, and some changes to our gods, goddesses, and demons are all part of this big update. Always consult this guide if you run into trouble with canon material.

Third, we now have "Myths of Yndyre, a compendium piece that includes all things about Yndyre's mythology. Are you part of our Top Contributing Authors? Then you have a free pass to be a part of this mythology and submit to us your ideas for myths to be added to Yndyre. Just shoot a quick email to either me or Trampltrum with your idea, and we'll see where we can fit it in.

Fourth (golly, fourth!), more Yndyre art has come out! RounderSofter has again made fantastic work out of our beautiful Naga Queen. Check it out:


Isn't she amazing?

Finally (phew!), I'm now offering commissions! That's right, if you've got an idea or a story I haven't been showing too much love, and you want to see me write it, you can submit a request for a commissioned interactive chapter. Just make sure to read "Invalid Item to get an idea for how to submit a request and see my price range. I feel it's very reasonable.

Anyway, keep writing out there, and thank you for participating in the development of the wonderful world of Yndyre.

Hard to believe it, but today "Legends of Yndyre: A WG Fantasy has now turned one year old! True, it's been a bit of a slow start, as we are only 78 chapters in, but things are starting to pick up steam as more readers are taking an interest in this work.

Currently, three legends are in the works and you can read them now. Be sure to catch up on the adventures of the plucky young future chef, Olga Forgedotter; the elven captive in the hands of the king, Isallia; or funny and friendly newcomer to the outside world, the gorgon, Medea.

Future ideas and stories are always being worked on behind the scenes, but we welcome any newcomers or old authors who want to see their favorite legend get told. As always, be sure to consult the "The Yndyre Field Guide to get a feel for the world, its species, and cultures. A new edition of the field guide will be coming soon, so be sure to look out for new species, a section on wildlife of Yndyre, and some major mythological changes.

Not sure where to begin writing for Yndyre? Ask me or any of our top contributing authors about collaboration opportunities. We love working with others because that challenges us to always put forth our best work. How do you become a top contributing author? As you submit quality chapters to this work, you'll get your name added to the list on the front page of the story, as well as a few other perks, including merit badges, and a future surprise coming soon *BigSmile*.

Finally, we have fanart! Fantastic DA artist (and a personal favorite of mine), RounderSofter has been commissioned to begin art pieces on Yndyre and his first came out:


This is Tanca, a satyr character with a love of having a good time. Sadly, we just haven't gotten to her full story just yet, but maybe that job could be yours.

That's it for now. Happy reading!
Happy New Year everyone! It's been a heck of a year, and I can't wait to get started on more projects. So, without further ado, some announcements.

Coming to an interactive near you...

"Legends of Yndyre: A WG Fantasy is about to be receiving some new legends. Trampltrum and I can't wait to get started. The first legend we will focus on is the tale of elven captive, Isallia. Currently, she has been sold to Bosch Keep and will do anything to escape and see her family once more. What will happen when she becomes the plaything of the king's favorite and most spoiled concubine? You'll have to read to find out. So, be sure to favorite/fan or whatever you have to do to stay in the loop.

Can't get enough Yndyre?

Got to have more tales now? We're always looking for new writers to contribute to our collection. So, pitch us your new character or write the legends of some pre-created characters you haven't seen any writing for. We would like as many authors helping us add to this collection as possible. Don't know where to start? Consult "The Yndyre Field Guide to learn about Yndyre's people/species/culture and immerse yourself in our world. Writers who frequently submit quality chapters will have their name added to the "Contributing Authors" section of our intro page, and you'll get a nifty Fantasy Genre merit badge *Castle*. Isn't that neat? Or not...whatever the case may be, we appreciate your contributions. Hope to see you there in the coming year! *BigSmile*
Happy WDC birthday to me! It's been one heck of a year. It started with a single chapter and a welcome into a community made up of a fun group of people. Now, 166 interactive chapters, a portfolio, and an interactive tale of my own, here we are. Here's to many more years here, and seeing more of you around and working on more projects with some of you. Thanks for all the fun!
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So, after some work, I finally reopened "Legends of Yndyre: A WG Fantasy again. Yay! For those of you who don't know, it is a collaboration piece by Trampltrum and myself after weeks/months of spitballing ideas for a high fantasy in the WG genre. We were really disappointed to find that no such story already existed. We just had to fix that. And, as I always say, "Write the story you want to read." So, here we are. I would love for the opportunity for any of you to come in, check it out, and of course add to it. I know there are some really great writers in this genre out there, so help a couple of pals out. And please, email us with any questions/suggestions you may have.
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