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The main title has changed
the working titles multiple times

1. a long time coming (first idea: collection type book)
2. balancing true love (integrated novel )

(separated into three books)
3. relating our love story set
4. validating our love story set
5. the heart of love's story set
6. the journey of love's heart set
7. the healing journey of love's heart set
8. the journey of healing love set

currently considering: the journey that healed love set
Delilah is a revenge seeking Philistine in the Samson story of the Old Testament who resembles the character named after her like her role in Samson capture by his enemies who are her people - I have been her target not only in her potsy revenge schemes but in her desire for me to be killed by my enemies. As of 13 years ago, I lost track of her but it seems as if she is still afraid of the police.
I believe I can see all seven sites in my profile on wordpress maybe the issues have all been dealt with accordingly
I added two chapters to the beginning of Rumors of Misconduct (a developmental life cycle tale about the impact of rumors on the survival of love, marriage and family)
I believe that the introduction and epilogue are done.
I am aiming for 17 chapters because the number is significant to my love life.
Regardless of my history my hubby's idea of a testimony is to remind me I could have died in 1998, 2003,and whenever the Carrolls showed up to rape and murder me (sometimes between December 2011 - the present date). But I am still alive because God won't let anyone kill me.
When things go missing from my work key I wonder if my current book project was deleted. It pisses me off that people would go to this length to destroy my career without really knowing who I am as a person.
I was in a work mood when I got up this morning. 28 pages of reading to reflect on then I will be done with that source.
Oh, two incidents reminded me of movies in the last two years:
Profile of a serial killer, and Kiss the Girls. It is freaky when scene become experiential. One happened in a storm - my brother said it was nothing to worry about. the other at a cousins restaurant reminding me of the crime scene in the other movie. I am ok though.
My new primary work email has been set up.
I am a little worried that my old primary work account
is contributing to the possibility of identity theft.
Good words are the substance of legacies and legacies are turned into legends which began with the good words of truth that are forthright laying a foundation for personal beliefs which is why trust is the initiation of true love.
Catholics I just read an article. When I finished my Jesuit's exercises, an older Jesuit left me a prayer book. It was published in the early 1900. So the mass process is pre-vatican two. It seems as if it took longer to say mass back then. The Second Vatican Council allowed mass to be done in the common language of the area, Going back to the mass in my oldest prayerbook would be a mistake. WE WOULD LOSE MEMBER IF WE WENT BACK TO LATIN.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/gracefullily