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I had the opportunity to serve as beta reader, fact checker, and proofreader for The Elon Musk Mission: How Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Neuralink are Changing the World  .

The authors were kind enough to list the beta team in the acknowledgements. I didn't recognize of the other beta readers from here at WdC and a search of surnames gave no matches. Was anyone else here involved in the book?

It's an interesting read and it was fun to be involved.
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WOW! What an awesome opportunity! *Delight*

I just added "List beta readers in acknowledgements" for my list of things I'll do when I get around to writing anything I'll never actually finish. *Laugh* Thanks for that suggestion and congratulations!!!
My brief moment of fame: Author of the month on our local library's website.  
Congratulations! *Clap*
Very cool! Wow!
I just checked out Please Review -- a lot of great-looking stories that I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing!
Happy anniversary 🎉
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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
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I used to think that 'alright' was not a word; however, it has crept into common usage. I recently read Khoury's 'The Sanctuary' where 'alright' is used repeatedly.

I guess I was alwrong.
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I had to research the use of "alright" last week. Here is what I found.

The correct form is "all right" in all cases ...

except (it's English, why did you think that a rule is a rule? *Laugh*)

"Alright" is acceptable and not wrong when used in dialogue. If a character says, "Alright! Let's do this!" as an exclamation, then "alright" is all right.

Other than that, alright is still not all right.
Sign at El Arroyo restaurant, Austin TX: The days of good grammar has came and went.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Sameness is Safety  (ASR)
Leon struggles with the value of friendship in a controlled society. Dystopian Scrawlings

My feeling is that I've turned a corner in my fiction, and have started to write with greater emotional depth and figurative detail..
A Touch of Magic  (ASR)
A young girl dying of cancer is comforted by a stage magician
#2278445 by Graywriter

Nutcracker in Hell  (18+)
A dancer/musician caught in the destruction of climate change is betrayed by a neighbor
#2278990 by Graywriter
HELP! I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Sameness is Safety  (13+)
First attempt at a dystopian theme for Dystopian Scrawlings

I'm a pantser. I usually have a rough outline and my main characters in mind, and a fair idea of the ending I want (that doesn't always work out, sometimes characters have minds of their own!) but then I sit down and let the words flow. It usually works fairly well for me and I can do up to a several hundred words an hour with minimal editing.

With this one, I'm sort of stuck at only 300 words. It doesn't want to follow the outline, but it doesn't want to go anywhere else, which tells me that this probably isn't the story I want to tell. Same thing happened with my first draft.

I hope a few of my fans can take a quick skim of this and give me a few thoughts, either where this might go or why it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Or is it just that this is my first real try at a dystopian theme and I need to dig into the genre more?

Thanks in advance.
Unusual name, Fennec. The fox? It's a cracker of a start, in more ways than one. But I know the feeling of running out of steam and it's generally caused by a lack of belief in the ending you think you're working towards. It's most likely that you need a different and more unexpected ending. Something that makes you smile as your writing approaches it. You've started so well. Now it's your job to end it even better. It can be done and only you can do it.
This much makes a promise in the beginning, and then fulfills that promise. The story as is, has been completed.

To go on, try taking out the first two paragraphs and the last one. Those telegraph the future and interfere with reader immersion. Without those paragraphs, your characters will have to figure out what to do next. See if they do.
I spotted a Facebook ad for Vocal's sci-fi story contest (https://vocal.media/challenges/new-worlds)

I used to write for suite101.com before it got bounced by a google algorithm change; made good money, roughly $3K-$4K USD per year just hobby writing, so I might consider Vocal.

Anybody here on Vocal? Is it worth porting my old stories from WDC over to Vocal? Any other sites that are similar? Or better?
Okay, Vocal.

They do charge authors, which is always a red flag, no matter what. That is self-publishing or vanity publishing. Vocal has a free entry level, but the restrictions are so tight, you need Vocal+ (which costs) to get any benefits.

Some legit authors seem to be making money from it. But it is interesting to note those who are making money have a strong online presence already, as if they are being targeted to make money and so spruik for the site. Those who do not are reporting being locked out of their accounts, money being with-held (for flimsy or no reasons), passwords being changed and no faculty to report this.

They run monthly competitions, and the winners often do not follow the prompts given and/or appear to be written by people for whom English is a 5th language. This is creating a stir as well.

There are many complaints about them, but Writer Beware is struggling to get any details on them as they are not registered in one of the normal countries they deal with.

I should also point out that Medium has a red flag in Australia, as the third party payment organisation they use is not recognised as legitimate by the Australian Taxation Office. This means, if anything goes wrong, there is no legal recourse in Australia. However, they do appear to pay promptly.

Sorry for rambling, but I would say they should be avoided.
Here is my experience with Vocal. A year ago, I registered out of curiosity (a Medium clone but for fiction? I had to try!) but decided it wasn’t worth it: like many free-to-post websites, it requires spamming actively promoting your writing to seize followers—you bring them readership, not the other way around. Most contests they ran required paid membership (Vocal+). I nearly forgot I even had an account there until one day, they emailed me about giving their free users a three-month Vocal+ trial. Soon, they announced their first fiction awards—no prompts, any short story written by any Vocal+ user could enter. The contest seemed to have respectable judges, so I gave it a try. Out of 13,000 participants, 1,025 stories were supposed to be shortlisted (and awarded a year of Vocal+), and then, a month or so later, 25 stories were to be chosen to be published in an anthology (with cash prizes). My story got shortlisted. But to be considered in the next round, you had to have Vocal+, and the free trial users like me had was going to expire before judging (and no, you wouldn’t get the year of Vocal+ you already won by being shortlisted before the final judging happened). Essentially, they forced asked at least 1025 users to pay for their services. I withdrew my story since I wasn’t going to pay for something I wasn’t going to use (and didn’t really believe my story would have won), but somehow, I still got that year of Vocal+ after the winners were announced (but I’m still not using their services).

A similar site I know of is https://simily.co/ They promise cash for views, but you’d still have to bring your own readers (who have to get paid accounts to read multiple stories) to gain those views.
I don't know anything about Vocal, but I get the weekly prompts in my email from Reedsy (which is a decent contest with only a $5 entrance fee but they will review your entry for free). I published a blog on Wordpress for a while but it didn't seem to be getting any attention without buying a membership. I was given a membership on WdC so moved my blog to here. I doubt any of this helps you, but i thought I could tell you what I do know about.
Some of you are into vampires. This publication is bloodthirsty for vampire stories and asking for submissions. Check it out.

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Thank you for the heads up. As WDC does not hold publication rights, what we've written here might suffice. September 1st deadline (August die she must; September I'll remember).
Missed the deadline for Writers Cramp (misjudged the time zone difference) so sharing it this way.

 Flight  (ASR)
The world is too much with me sometimes
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Rearranged all my short romance stories into one portfolio.
"Romance Stories
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