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Horror Writers will want to check this out:


Do note that there is a $20 USD reading (entry) fee.
Just checked my submissions list. Seven rejections, eight still in progress. This is normal for my fiction. On the other hand, "Skulduggery on the Express" now has my first ribbon, which is encouraging. It's still "in progress" so I redacted it here on WdC.

Skullduggery on the Express  (18+)
First Place in The Bard's Hall Steampunk Contest
#2256084 by Graywriter

Just got another rejection. That was fast.
Hmmm...Is it better to have them take a long time and you have hope or for them to reject quickly so you get it over with like ripping off a bandaid. I'm not sure, myself. What do you think? At least if it's fast, you can submit it elsewhere sooner, so that is one benefit. *Think*
A big thanks to Northernwrites, WebWitch, and StephB for detailed reviews that helped make Skulduggery on the Express a better story. Having it chosen as the winning story in The Bard's Hall added sprinkles to the sundae.

I incorporated most of your suggested changes, then took the story down from WdC for simultaneous submission to two paying publications. I expect rejections from both, but "nothing ventured..."

WdC has encouraged my creativity and made writing fun!
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Congratulations on your win! That's fantastic! And I think it's great to submit, whether you think you'll get picked up or not. If you don't submit, you will DEFINITELY not get picked up. *Wink*

Check out the note in Vivian 's Notebook (her Newsfeed) to see about the company she has been published through. They are having a Zoom to discuss Christmas children's stories. She and a couple other authors will be participating. Even if you can't come, if you sign up, you can watch the recording later. You can, I assume, see a few of the employees and learn more about them and their company's philosophy...I assume. It's not the main point, but getting to see the publishers chatting with authors they support should be educational. *Smile*

Again, congratulations and good luck! *4leaf*
If you're thinking of submitting for publication, have a look at how a Woman's World editor approached a cozy romance that was later published. Removed unnecessary words, made some changes that left questionable grammar (but that suit the reading audience), removed all internal dialog, even changed the eye color of the heroine. Changing the title is quite common, BTW.


This edit maintains the tone of the original. I've had edits so bad that I was ashamed to have my name on the result. Fortunately, that is rare, and most editors do a great job.
Super interesting! I hope you picked up some fans from my advertising you because this is a great reason to fan you...or at least skulk around the Community Newsfeed. *Wink*
Interesting. The version created by the editor would get murdered by reviewers here on Writing.Com.
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What a fun place! Thanks for posting that!
My poem "I Will Dance" has been selected for publication in "Behold", an anthology of Canadian poetry, by Polar Expressions Publishing. It's a bit of a vanity press thing, where the top 100 items are published (out of however many are submitted) and you buy the anthology if you want one. There is no entry fee, and no obligation to purchase. This will be my fourth publication with Polar Expressions.

 I Will Dance  (E)
Echoes of Henley's "Invictus"; A love of dance transcends death.
#1818082 by Graywriter

I feel like you are being too successful here. I don't think we can be friends.

*Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling*

My short story "Out of the Darkness" (not up on WdC) was accepted by Polar Expressions Publishing for inclusion in the anthology In the Mist, to be released in December.
Great News! Congratulations!
Great news. Congratulations.

Pared down a 1000 word Writer's Cramp winner into an 800 word romance submission to Woman's World. Also submitted a 700 word cozy mystery to the same source. I've four rejections from WW so far; maybe these two will make it. Wish me luck!
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That's awesome! Congratulations on submitting things! Good luck with your submissions! Keep it up!
Finished expanding a 900-word Writer's Cramp entry into a 3000 word short story. Aim here was plot development (conflict/problem/obstacles/stakes/resolution). Would appreciate reviews.

Tight Deadline  (18+)
Not all fights are physical
Originally published in 2009, shared here for the first time. I'll be putting this out for reprint, but in the meantime hope you'll help me out with a review.

Friendly Seas  (13+)
Will a vulnerable couple risk a new life voyage?
#2257053 by Graywriter
Finished editing a contest entry. Would be interested in reviews from folks familiar with steampunk genre.

Skullduggery on the Express  (18+)
First Place in The Bard's Hall Steampunk Contest
#2256084 by Graywriter
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Winds on Europa  (13+)
Sometimes the natives aren't friendly to visitors
. Changed the intro. Went from 1600 to 2000 words
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WOW! Good for you! Keep up the great work!

Are you familiar with NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month? Every November people all over the world get together on http://www.nanowrimo.org and work toward writing 50k words for their novel. It's not supposed to be polished. The point is to write it and then you polish it in December and January. Also, 50k words isn't novel level, more like a novella, but still, it's a great start! We have some great NaNo challenges/helps here as well, if you are interested.

Click Brandiwyn🎶 's Plus Sign if you want to follow her. Here's the upcoming NaNo Prep in October to help you flesh out your plot, ideas, characters, etc. *Bigsmile*

October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge  (13+)
A month-long challenge designed to help you plan a novel prior to writing it.
#1474311 by Brandiwyn🎶
Glad you noted in your cramp entry that lions don't purr. I had to research that as well. Congratulations on the win.
Hi Graywriter,

Just thought I'd let you know that I will have a short story in Polar Expressions Publishing's new anthology, "Setting the Scene". My story is called "Mistaken for a Bear". The anthology comes out in November or December.

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I hope you enjoy your time at WDC just as much as I have.
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