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A special day is coming up for you this month.

*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

I have made updates to my interactive stories, check them out before you can add.
To the mysterious user who gifted me an upgraded membership, thank you very much!
I have finally created the new interactive that I mention several weeks ago:


I hope you all like it *Delight*
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Good story there. Keep up the good work. e:BigSmile}
Everyone, I just made a request system for you all to check out.

Further information will be available on my account description.
Thank you for adding to Mind Palace
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I'll gladly have a look! I may do some stuff with The Strange World!
Hello everbody!

If you guys are interested in adding to my interactives, I recommend these two:



I think they really need some additions right now.
I'll think about adding to your stuff soon. They do look interesting to write. ;3
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