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Hello WDC!
Hi Motivated_Man!

I'm dropping by your angelic abode to celebrate The WDC Angel Army  's 10th Anniversary with you!

May your halo shine bright
As you flit round this site
Spreading cheer and delight
To us all, day and night! *Angelic*

Thank you so much!
I really appreciate the way you choose to share this special moment with us through those delicious words. *BigSmile*
Wishing you a very happy One Year WDC Anniversary! I have missed talking to you. Hoping all is well!
Thanks Patrece!
Missing you too dear Teacher.
Don't worry, everything is OK for me. *Smile*
That is a great thing! Glad to hear it. But don't forget me altogether, okay?
Well, here it is well after 2 am WDC time (after midnight my time) Just cannot get the mind to give me a break tonight.
Just try to relax! listen to some music.
I ended up writing a hand written letter to a WDC friend and it did the trick! It was to a gal I write to in the WDC Snail Mail forum.
*Angel* *Angel* *Angel* Spread your wings! *Angel* *Angel* *Angel*

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How I wish I could!
I hope you could!
Good night my friend. Wishing you a great night's sleep. Please stay in touch.
It seems like all angels already fell asleep. This is not the time!
Wake-up, move your wings as fast as you think!

Fllllllyyyyy! Flllyyyy! Fly!
And reach out people who want help.

Member of "The WDC Angel Army
I'm about to feel completely in love of that website.

Member of "The WDC Angel Army
Technically not, but it sounds Weird.
Ok, thanks!
Next time I'll do it differently and better. By following your advice dear friend!

Member of "The WDC Angel Army
*Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling**Reading*
in this case, 5k overview goal means that in 5k words I will describe the overview of a concept for a novel. :)
determined is a good word.
and persistent... XD
:) I am glad you have found the daily flash fiction challenge. I hope you will let the prompts inspire you to write something every day. :)
i started with 250 per day. i am very busy with other things right now, so i have a goal of three per week written to prompt. i look forward to returning to 250 per day. the important thing is to make an effort to bring writing into your life as regularly as possible...and enjoy the experience. ;)