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To follow up with the notebook I have to say on another site elsewhere I have now have 6670 pieces of poetry. Poetrypoem.com is the site and all my work is stored there. Please check it out for poeticbearlovestowrite
thank you so much for your review, I really didn't expect anyone to come across that piece. I have a lot more to post I promise, I've written so much I just haven't gotten around to putting it on this site. Thanks again.
I am happy to have reviewed the piece. I hope to look at some more of your work when you post more up here. Thank you for writing to me. cubby
These pieces of work is to honor my parents. it is hoped that you will like some of the pieces too. I have worked hard to get to where I am today. I am dedicated to making things better in a person's life by writing. it is from the heart that I do write. There is no other way for me to write but from the heart. I hope you will like the contents of my folders and my pieces. I have written them for you the reader to read and enjoy. Please do me the favor of reviewing these pieces. Thanks.
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