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I want to publicly thank ~Minja~ for her dedication hosting the "Writing.Com Reading Challenge and motivating me to start reading again! This year, I finished my goal of 40 books. With small goals every month, the task didn't seem so daunting *Delight* Look out for a note from Minja about signing up for 2020 - I highly recommend it! *BookOpen*

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Congratulations on finishing your  [Link To Item #2174465]  for 2019 *^*Bookopen*^*!

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Thank you once again! I'm glad you made it this year *Bigsmile*.
Hey peeps! This ends tonight:

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Blog-On Bonanza Raffle  (E)
Earn raffle tickets with comments and prompts - proceeds benefit the 30DBC
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September 30th is the last day *Smile*

If you're fresh out of GPs, not to fear! We accept thoughtful blog comments or blog prompts in exchange for tickets *Bigsmile* (Details in the forum)

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I've added a new entry to my book, "A Piece Of My Heart:
         "I think I might want to change my username - Help!

Please share your sage wisdom with me, especially if you’ve gone through the process of changing your username in the past. *Smile* Thanks in advance!
I haven't but I'm going to tag two I know that did for advice to make sure they see this when they have a moment. *HeartT*
Jeff iKïyå§ama
Thanks for the shout-out Brooke - 15 years? *Smile*

As for the changing name conundrum, it's all because of the darn spam mail I kept getting *Sob*. I'm still having a hard time getting used to 'satet', but it is what it is.

So, go with your gut instinct. If you want to become more Emily around here, there's nothing stopping you, Missy!
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Oh! And if you do have GPs needing a home, 35K donations now earn you a Community MB of your choice *Wink*

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(This is one of my favorite birthday activities because of how happy it makes people! Come play and see for yourself!)
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