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Happy anniversary
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What’s your (who’s on WDC) favorite genre to write? Is there a reason why you love writing this genre you love using the most? Mine is fiction. I love writing fiction because it’s a whole lot of fun to use my imagination to create something interesting. It can also be used to creatively teach important and positive messages such as why it’s important to not bully others, love is important and why it’s better to love others than hate others, being positive is better than being negative and why it’s so important, etc.
If a someone was offered a trillion dollars, to end the world, would you be the one that would accept it?
The Christian or Catholic religions are also good in certain ways. I agree with these highly good, positive and important things. “Love thy neighbor.” “Honor thy Mother and Father.” I also believe it teaches you to treat others the way you’d treat yourself. Love and respect others. These kinds of things are a way I also agree to be like.

If I worded anything wrong, please do correct me, thank you. If there’s any other good saying you know in either of those religions, please do let me know, thanks. Peace be with you.
Thanks for the gps’s anonymous!
Thanks again for all of the gifts anonymous individual/s! Have a wonderful holiday’s to all of you and on WDC as well as anyone reading this also!
Hello fellow ladies and gentlemen on WDC, intelligent writer’s and or also published author’s. I just wanted to say thank you lots for the generous gift! Of course I’ll be reviewing and writing more now, thanks to you, now even more on here, whenever I can though. I’m quite a busy lady. I’m spending my time with friends, family, someone here and there that appears to have no one and doing this, that and the other things needing to be done. I love sharing my wisdom, thoughts and opinions with others, that’s life experience for you! One of the best kind of teacher is one that teaches, for free, and who loves, respects and cares about anyone they try to teach, and especially without bullying or hurting the other individuals feelings. I also have knowledge of all kinds about different kinds of individuals that exist that are different than others in a specific way. I’ve worked and have helped assist them in my past and continue to do this as a volunteer whenever I can spare any time to do so for them. (I have medical field knowledge of people that have mental issues, all kinds of different disabilities, deformed individuals, and so on) That’s how I am so thanks for your wonderful gift, I’ll use it very well. I love to help provide love, respect and support to all kinds of individuals whenever I get the chance, especially for something such as someone that has any kind of depression.

Lady in America, may peace, love and light be with all of you, especially during these difficult times.

I haven't been avoiding you, but I did go to the Alaska Triangle for research so I was out of town, lol not. If I was going to go to any triangle it would be isosolese.
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